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12 Methods to Say “I Love You” in Spanish Past Te Quiero


In Spanish, there are lots of methods to say “I really like you.”

In truth, there are a number of phrases of endearment that can be utilized to specific affection, however which you employ will depend on the state of affairs and the way shut you might be to somebody.

Let’s have a look at the choices for expressing love in Spanish!


The way to Say “I Love You” in Spanish

1. Te quiero — I really like you

This phrase actually means “I need you,” however is definitely a cute option to say “I really like you” or “I such as you.”

It doesn’t come off as sturdy as phrases like te amo (additionally that means “I really like you,” which we’ll speak about under), making it the right one to make use of with a girlfriend or boyfriend, crush, family and friends and different relationships that aren’t tremendous severe.

You too can add mucho or muchísimo on the finish of the phrase to imply “I really like you a large number.”

Mamá, me voy. ¡Te quiero! — Mother, I’m leaving. I really like you!

2. Te amo — I really like you

As talked about earlier, te amo is stronger than te quiero. It means “I really like you” actually and when utilized in actual life. Usually you’d use this phrase with folks you’re in a gradual relationship with or with quick relations. 

It’s, nonetheless, used barely in a different way in numerous nations—in some locations it’s used principally to discuss with romantic love, in others you’ll see recent {couples} utilizing it, and in others you’ll see that it’s additionally generally used with household. 

I suppose it’s just like “I really like you” in English: Its use is fairly subjective! 

Like te quiero, you too can add mucho or muchísimo on the finish of te amo.

Te amo mucho, mi querida. — I really like you a lot, my darling.

You may see our comparability te quiero or te amo additional down within the submit.

3. Eres mi media naranja — You’re my half orange

The literal translation on this one doesn’t appear particularly romantic, however when somebody says Eres mi media naranja, they’re really saying “You’re my different half.”

In different phrases, this expression says that the opposite particular person completes you or that you just make a complete collectively.

4. Te quiero tanto — I really like you a lot

It is a variation of te quiero that’s tender and loving.

A fabulously well-liked tune by Carlos Vives and Shakira referred to as La Bicicleta” (“The Bicycle”) makes good use of the expression with the lyrics:

Que te sueño y que te quiero tanto — How I dream of you and I really like you a lot

5. Te adoro — I like you

This declaration of affection is used not solely by lovers however by dad and mom towards their kids as effectively.

I’ve seen many madres (moms) pull their infants onto their laps and croon, Te adoro.

6. Te necesito — I would like you

Te necesito can also be the title of a well-liked tune by Mexican singer Luis Miguel. It’s sizzling and steamy—precisely the way you’d anticipate this declaration to be portrayed.

There are many fantastically romantic Spanish songs, not simply this one. Test some out for much more studying alternatives!

7. Me vuelves loco — You drive me loopy

Have you ever ever seen somebody pushed to distraction by one other particular person’s quirky methods or their foolish antics? That is the expression that covers that type of relationship!

This phrase has one other that means that’s a bit steamier when whispered behind closed doorways.

8. Eres mi alma gemela — You’re my soulmate

The concept of being somebody’s soul mate is ¡Muy romántico! (Very romantic!)

9. Mi corazón late por ti — My coronary heart beats for you

This is without doubt one of the final Spanish declarations of affection, an admission that one particular person is alive as a result of their coronary heart beats from loving one other a lot.

10. Este corazón es tuyo — This coronary heart is yours

One other declaration of timeless love.

Undoubtedly don’t anticipate to listen to this one on a primary—or perhaps a tenth!—date.

11. La vida estaría vacía sin ti — Life can be empty with out you

This can be one of the definitive expressions of affection in Spanish (and any language).

Professing that a life-time can be devoid of that means and objective with out one other particular person? Spanish actually does go large on honest declarations of affection.

12. Te amo más hoy que ayer pero menos que mañana — I really like you extra in the present day than yesterday however lower than tomorrow

That is tremendous romantic, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you soften if somebody particular murmured this expression to you?

The Distinction Between Te Quiero and Te Amo

An important factor to recollect is that these phrases usually are not all the time interchangeable—or appropriate for everybody in your love record.

In Spanish-speaking cultures, the diploma of familiarity or affection determines the way you categorical love.

Let’s cowl when to make use of every expression:

  • Te quiero is used amongst relations and mates. It’s the much less “severe” expression that’s additionally protected to say if you’re simply courting somebody. It’s excellent for uncommitted relationships!
  • Te quiero can also be used between lovers otherwise—in a non-public setting, in case you catch my drift…
  • Te amo encompasses romantic love and is expressed between {couples}. Relying on the nation, it’s the heavy-duty, no-holds-barred option to state your love for somebody. 
  • Te amo can be used with shut relations, nonetheless once more, this differs from nation to nation!

Making the variations between te quiero and te amo come naturally to you is a matter of immersing your self in Spanish.

Fortunately, you are able to do this on-line now due to know-how.

For instance, FluentU allows you to be taught Spanish phrases, grammar and colloquialisms—like te quiero and te amo—by means of genuine Spanish movies and interactive subtitles.

You may watch clips from telenovelas the place you’ll hear further dramatic expressions of affection (and hatred). And if you come throughout phrases you don’t know, simply click on on them to get definitions, examples and computerized addition to your flashcard deck.


There’s additionally pronunciation follow on the iOS and Android app, so you possibly can excellent te quiero or te amo earlier than utilizing it in your pareja (accomplice).

Spanish Phrases of Endearment for Companions

You’ll typically hear phrases of endearment hooked up to phrases that imply “I really like you” in Spanish, simply as you’ll in English.

Listed here are 5 of a few of the most typical ones:

1. Mi corazón — Sweetheart

¿Cómo estuvo tu día, mi corazón? — How was your day, sweetheart?

2. Mi amor — My love

¿Qué quieres comer, mi amor? — What do you wish to eat, my love?

3. Mi vida — My life

Siempre estoy aquí para ti, mi vida. — I’m all the time right here for you, my love.

4. Querido / Querida — Darling, expensive

Te extraño mucho, querido. — I miss you a lot, darling.

5. Mi cielito — My little sky

Mi cielito, te ves tan bonita. — My little sky, you look so fairly.


For a full record of cute names you should use on your accomplice, take a look at our submit right here:


Spanish is a fantastically romantic language with some ways to specific nearly any diploma of affection for practically anybody.

Use that versatility to your benefit and respect your loved ones, mates or romantic accomplice.

Present the love like a real Latin lover—and watch it come again to you!



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