4 Top Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students In Spain-Apply Now!!!


There are many fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain available for you today.

Spain is a popular country known for its rich history, active culture, and internationally famous institutions. If you are an international student looking and aspiring to study in Spain but cannot meet up with the necessary financial requirements, here is good news!!!

Fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain available for you will help see you through your education in Spain. This article will highlight comprehensively some of these renowned institutions.


Studying in Spain opens a door to many opportunities and in fact a successful academic journey. Let’s briefly highlight these fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain.


This scholarship is fully funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and it is known as Becas de la Universidad Espanola. It is a Spanish scholarship program that offers scholarships to international students to study at Spanish universities. Some fields of study include science, technology, art, history and humanities.

The fully funded scholarships for students in Spain waivers tuition fees and tend to cover personal expenses and travel costs of students.

If you are motivated and determined to study in Spain, this scholarship program is the best as you stand to gain academic excellence and the interchange of relationships between students from Spain and other parts of the world.


The scholarships granted by Santander Bank are open to everyone including international students. Santander is a financial institution in Spain.

Are you young and talented but do not have the financial means to study in Spain and attain a higher level of education? Are you aspiring to study in Spain? Do you have an interest? If so, this fully funded scholarship for international students in Spain covers the tuition fee, travel costs and most especially personal and material expenses during your course of study.

This is a dream come true for you to study in Spain and pursue your academics to become successful.


Spain is one of the most widely chosen destinations for students applying for the Erasmus scholarships. This scholarship program is funded by the European Union and students from all over the world are welcome to apply.

These fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain cover the tuition fee and see to the travel costs, Visa and any sort of personal expenses.


This is a highly rated scholarship program funded by the University of Barcelona in affiliate and collaboration with La Caixa Foundation (a financial institution in Spain)

This scholarship program is granted to excellent international students who are aspiring to pursue a master’s degree program in Spain but do not have the financial means to attain this level of education.

The fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain covers tuition fee, personal and material expenses, health insurance, accommodation and travel expenses incurred so as to enable them to enjoy schooling in Barcelona, Spain.


To wrap this article up, I would implore you to put these highlighted scholarship programs into consideration. Fully funded scholarships for international students in Spain should not be missed as it would benefit you in three (3) ways:

  • You stand to gain a world-class education as Spain is known to have high-ranked universities that offer high-quality education.
  • It offers you an opportunity to get familiar with the rich culture of Spain.
  • Education in Spain stands to transform the lives of students as they learn good morals, become self-dependent and above all successful.

Read and Apply now!!!


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