How To Complete Your e-APR: The Process From ITA to CoPR: 7 Steps To Complete Your Invitation From ITA to CoPRIt’s always exciting to apply for something, and you get through the screening stage, so congratulations to you reading this! The first hurdle has been conquered, and you are here to get more information about your next step in finalizing your application to immigrate to Canada.

Getting to the stage where you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is quite a long wait. Moving forward from ITA to Canadian Permanent Residency (CoPR) is another long but achievable wait.

This article will provide insight into completing your e-APR from ITA to CoPR with a step-by-step guide on how it can be easily done, what to anticipate while waiting for your application to be considered, and the necessary documents needed for this application.

The Process From Invitation to Apply (ITA) To Canadian Permanent Residency (CoPR)

 Once you receive your ITA, you are given 60 days to prepare the necessary documents and upload them to the Express Entry profile through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. This is done to proceed with your permanent residence application. If you think the time frame given is not enough time, you can reject and get back to IRCC via email.

The part where you have to start submitting documents is the most stagnant part of the whole process of Canadian Immigration. It may seem like your application is not being considered or it is taking too long; the trick is for you not to lose hope. As long as your documents are properly arranged and submitted as and when due, you will get through. You just have to be patient.

Documents Needed

 Your documents should be properly arranged. When your documents are arranged properly, it is easier to navigate and check through by the investigating officer; this would save everyone involved a lot of time. The documents needed for this process are:

  1. Police Report: You should get this from your country of residence or any country you have lived in for six months.
  2. Medical Report: This should be gotten from an IRCC-approved hospital only. According to the IRCC website, you must submit the medical reports of your family members, too, even if they are coming with you to Canada. The result of this report must be valid at the time your application is submitted and when you arrive in Canada.
  3. Proof of Funds: The Canadian government wants to know if you can cater to your needs in the first few months of your stay. Loans are not accepted. If you applied under the Canadian Express Class or are authorized to work in Canada, you do not need to show proof of funds. You are required to keep your funds up to date.
  4. Reference Letter: This should be from the jobs you worked and listed in your submitted application.
  5. Educational Documents: The documents that make up your educational documents are your IELTS certificate, WES report, degree, and transcripts.
  6. Passports: This should be stamped and sealed. Make sure your biodata page is in pdf file format. Note: Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of your PR submission. Your photo should also be uploaded in jpeg format.
  7. Birth Certificate: The birth certificate of everyone included in your application must be submitted. If your country does not issue a birth certificate, you should provide a document stating your birth date and parents’ names. Attach a letter explaining why you do not have a birth certificate to justify the provided documents.
  8. Marital Status: You will be asked about your marital status. Have you been married and divorced before? Are you single? These questions will be asked.

The IRCC will request the above documents and more. It is necessary to check and recheck these documents before uploading them to the website.

 7 Steps To Complete Your Invitation From ITA to CoPR

 The necessary steps to complete your invitation from ITA to CoPR are:

Step 1: Complete And Submit The e-APR And Documents.

 Immediately after you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) via email from IRCC, it is advised to begin with the next step, which is to start the process on the electronic application, known simply as an e-APR, and upload the necessary supporting documents.

IRCC gives you only 60 days, two months, to put the required documents together for submission. Some of the documents you need can take a while to get hold of due to the process involved in getting them.  It is important to start the process of getting those documents immediately.

The ITA you received and the Express Entry portal will precisely explain the documentation required, what you need to do to get them, and how you should get them. This will differ slightly from person to person depending on the facts you submitted in your Express Entry profile and the type of the Express Entry route you have chosen to apply with.

Once you submit the documents needed in the Express Entry portal, you will receive an “Acknowledgement of Receipt” (AoR) immediately after submission.

Step 2: Submit Your Biometrics

The next step is to get your biometric data submitted. You would be asked by letter through the Express Entry Portal to submit biometrics. The letter would outline everything needed for this biometric. This could take up to a month or less after receiving your AoR.  After this is done and submitted, you will be notified on the portal that your biometric has been received.

Step 3: Pass The Medical Screening Process

You will have to get a medical report from an IRCC-approved hospital. Do not use a non-approved hospital. Once done, the results will not be shown directly to you.

Step 4: The Waiting Period

After step 3, all you need to do now is wait. Yes, you just have to wait until you get a response from the immigration office. After the biometrics, passing the medical exam and assessing all other documents, nothing significant would happen for months. Do not be skeptical or afraid. IRCC is just taking its time to verify all the information you have submitted.

There is a “review of eligibility” on the portal, which would notify you with the following words “we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.” This section would not update until the end, when a final decision was made.

Step 5: Request For Passports

 The next step after the waiting period is you would be asked to submit your passports.

This is the final step before you are issued the Confirmation of Permanent Residency (CoPR) form.

You will receive a mail in your email address and not the message through the portal notifying you that your application for permanent residence in Canada is at its final stage. The email will outline the next steps needed to finalize your immigration process and ask you to complete these processes within 30 days.

Step 6: Confirmation of Permanent Residence

 After submitting your passport, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) document in your mail.  Congratulations, this is all you need to make your way to Canada and finalize the steps in the immigration process to become a permanent resident in Canada.

When you receive CoPR, check if the information you provided is correct. If there is a mistake in the document, you should get back to the IRCC through your Express Entry portal account.

Now, you are required not to sign the CoPR document yet. This will be signed by the Canada Border Services Agent when you arrive in Canada.

Make sure all your documents are within reach and arranged properly so that you do not have to look confused at the airport when you arrive.

Step 7: Welcome To Canada

 The final step is you finally moving to Canada to begin a new life. You are now officially a Canadian permanent resident.

When you get to Canada, you will be contacted and briefed on what to do next. Here, you will be asked to use ArriveCan, an app to provide information about your travel to Canada. Make sure the version of the app used is the newest one.

Make sure the information provided is accurate and not outdated. An officer will check to ensure this at the airport on your arrival.

Get acquainted with the immigration office close to you in Canada so that you’ll be properly welcomed into the country.


 Moving to Canada through the Express Entry path can be entirely monotonous and time tasking, but it is worth it. The country has a good governance structure with adequate and friendly social amenities for a better life.  And this is why everyone is looking to migrate to the country.

This article has provided the necessary information on how to process e-APR from ITA to CoPR with detailed information on the necessary documents.

The article provided insight into what to do when an immigrant gets into the country for the first time.

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