Administrative Assistant Job at UNIWAY COMPUTERS, Winnipeg.

What does it sound like to be an administrative assistant in Canada? This post discusses a job offer just for you as an administrative assistant.

Today, I have another career opportunity for you!

As you get ready for the role, it’s crucial to understand which talents are necessary. Consequently, the question What does an Administrative Assistant dobecomes relevant.

Who is an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are crucial to the planning, administration, and management of an office. They deal with spreadsheets, make reports and presentations, and maintain databases on computers a lot.

In addition, they have to do secretarial and administrative duties including arranging files, setting up appointments, helping out other employees, and writing emails or messages.

Administrative assistants may also be in charge of making purchases, handling supplies, and liaising with vendors, depending on the circumstances.

After taking a close look at these functions, we can say that administrative assistants are the foundation and life force of many companies; without them, operations wouldn’t function as smoothly or effectively.

Most of the time, it is either a subset of secretarial tasks or the same as the modern version of the secretary position.

Now let’s have a little discussion regarding UNIWAY Computers.

UNIWAY Computers

UNIWAY Computers has been in business since 2005 and has been offering its clients in several locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia computer sales and repairs, cell phone repairs, and HID and LED headlamp sales and services.

This business wants to give consumers the finest possible service by upgrading their computing needs at a reasonable cost. They are now offering you job opportunities.

Where is this Administrative Assistant job located?

This position may be found in Winnipeg at 1743A Pembina Highway.

What is the salary for this Administrative Assistant job?

The hourly wage is around $22.50. It also offers flexible hours and full-time or permanent career opportunities.


Language: English is the required language.

Required education: CEGEP or college

Experience and Area of Specialization: two to three years in the industry with familiarity with computers and Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel

Accountabilities or Assignments of an Administrative Assistant

It is required of you to:

  1. Plan and organize conferences, seminars, etc.
  2. Keep a record of the meetings above and draft minutes.
  3. Establish and decide on office routines and procedures.
  4. Make and confirm appointments
  5. Return phone calls and messages while taking messages.
  6. Respond to inquiries by email
  7. Assemble information, statistics, and other data.
  8. Purchase office supplies and keep track of your inventory.
  9. Make travel plans, associated itineraries, and reservation
  10. Coordinate the information flow
  11. Open and distribute incoming traditional and electronic mail as well as other materials
  12. Establish and manage both automated and manual information filing systems.
  13. Type and edit forms, letters, and other documents.
  14. Execute simple bookkeeping duties.
  15. Handle contracts
  16. Perform evaluations of performance

You also need to be organized, detail-oriented, and a good team player in addition to the abovementioned duties.


Regardless of whether you are a temporary or permanent resident of Canada, you may apply. However, a current work permit from Canada is required.

How can you apply for an Administrative Assistant?

Send a mail to [email protected].

Apply for other jobs in Canada here.

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