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Have you heard of Apollo Global Management? This is a well-researched and written essay that covers everything there is to know about the company. The founders’ identities were among the subjects considered.

Here’s a tip. Marc Rowan co-founded Apollo Global Management and serves as its CEO.


Among the most noteworthy firms in which the company’s funds have invested are ADT Inc., CareerBuilder, Cox Media Group, Intrado, Legendary Entertainment, Rackspace Technology, Redbox, Shutterfly, Sirius Satellite Radio, Qdoba, Smart & Final, University of Phoenix, and Yahoo Inc. That information indicates how dependable they are in their work.

Without further ado, let us learn more about this company in depth. To begin with, we will see who they are.

Overview Of Apollo Global Management

Apollo is a top provider of alternative asset management and retirement solutions. They contribute to the development and financing of stronger firms by providing new capital alternatives that can deliver higher risk-adjusted returns and retirement income.

Apollo Global Management presently employs approximately 4,800 people across Apollo and Athene, including more than 700 investment professionals who work from various offices across the world. Their primary source of income is investment in private and public markets. They also provide retirement plans and numerous business methods to clients.


The firm makes investments to aid retirement savings plans, economic investments, and sovereign funds, as well as investors both large and small.

Brief History

Apollo Global Management was created in 1990 by Leon Black (formerly the head of Drexel’s mergers and acquisitions department), Josh Harris, and Marc Rowan, all former investment bankers at Drexel Burnham Lambert.

It was formerly known as Apollo Advisors. These men were among the firm’s early members, working relentlessly until it collapsed.

Location of Apollo Global Management

The company’s headquarters are located in the Solow Building in New York City. Additionally, it owns offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Is this the sole venture managed by Apollo Global Management? Of course, not! Apollo Investment Corporation (AIC) is a US-domiciled publicly listed private-equity, closed-end fund and business development company that operates efficiently. This is in addition to its existing private funds.

This company, AIC, provides subsidiary finance, secondary secured funding, and equity investments to middle-market companies, including publicly traded corporations, but it has generally not invested in firms controlled by Apollo’s private equity funds.


This enterprise plays an important role in empowering retirees, establishing and financing stronger businesses, and forging a more sustainable future. They are a leader in alternative asset management and retirement services!

This has helped clients achieve financial security through best-in-class experience over the years. This is especially important given that interest rates are rising.

In summary, they offer three things: retirement solutions, stronger businesses, and equity. Finally, what is the goal? Driving towards a more sustainable future.

What about those who labour tirelessly for the success of this company? What influence have they had?

It’s no surprise that Apollo searches out talented, committed individuals and brings them together as a single team. This yields the best results possible.

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