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Hellnahellir Cave – the most important man-made Collapse Iceland

We visited Hellnahellir collapse Landsveit, which is the most important artifical collapse Iceland, and some of the outstanding fornminjar (antiquities?) in Iceland.

Icelanders lived in turf homes that need to be always maintained and collapse if they’re left on their very own, so we’ve got no historical habitations of our forefathers left, aside from the caves with all of the carvings, the underground habitations.

There are 3 caves and they’re believed thus far again to earlier than the settlement of Iceland just like the Caves of Hella. So this preserved cave is almost certainly greater than a thousand years outdated.

Hellnahellir cave is Iceland’s longest artifical cave, nearly 50 meters lengthy.

We known as the farmers and requested if we might get steerage within the Hellnahellir cave. We paid an entrance payment of ISK 1,200. Their web site appears to be down in the intervening time.

The temperature within the cave is barely round 4 levels C, so put on heat garments.

Within the olden days, the caves have been used as a storage room for hey for instance.

The farmer confirmed us the cave

Right here at Hellar are 3 caves that give a reputation to the farm Hellar – Caves. They’re artifical sandstone caves and the most important one is the longest collapse Iceland, which has been carved into the rock.


Just like the caves of Hella and all of the myriad caves which have been present in South Iceland, it’s not identified precisely how outdated they’re or when and why they have been made. However they appear to predate the settlement of Iceland. Landnáma – the E book of Settlements of Iceland tells us that there have been some Irish monks right here when the Vikings arrived in approx. 874 AD, known as Papar.


It’s believed that on this area of interest a saint stood. Setja inn rétta mynd. Hellnahellir. Hellar.

Strolling into the darkness of the cave

The cave has obtained 5 chimneys or openings within the ceiling.


Hellar the farm is first talked about within the muniments of Skarðskirkja church (1332).

There are 3 caves right here, Hellnahellir, Lambahellir, and Hestahellir. If we have been to translate the names of the caves into English, then they’re the Cave of Caves, the Cave of lambs, and the Cave of horses.

It’s 50 meters lengthy and 200 sq. meters with 2 entrances from a staircase within the forskáli? and from the barn.

A big signal on the wall in Hellnahellir cave

Þjóðsagan um okálfinn




7 crosses in a row

In a single place within the cave, there are 7 crosses in a row carved into the cave wall.

I had examine these 7 crosses years in the past in 2 books and was so wanting to see them. 

On this wall can be IHS (Iesus Hominum Salvator).

Dýrlingastallurinn og tákn, nöfn og ártöl á veggnum. Neðarlega á myndinni sést ártalið 1687.

The Area of interest of the Saint, dates, names, and indicators are carved into the wall. If you happen to look intently then you will note the date 1687 carved into the wall, however the farmers at Hella moved into the farm within the seventeenth century.

We obtained our photograph taken with the canine by the Area of interest of the Saint. That is the wall the place one can find most indicators, names, and dates carved into the wall.

The doorway to Hellnahellir – the Cave at Caves

The Bishop of Iceland held a service for 200 individuals inside Hellnahellir cave again within the 12 months 2000. The service was held to commemorate the millennium of Christianity in Iceland. 

Within the 12 months 1000 the Vikings? adopted Christianity at Alþingi, the parliament at Þingvellir. That they had been believers of the outdated Norse religion, and never everyone was proud of this modification of their perception system and did not wish to abandon their outdated gods, Óðinn and Þór. 

A few of the settlers have been Christian, like Auður djúpúðga and her siblings Þórunn hyrna and Helgi bjóla, however their brother, Björn austræni, who settled at Bjarnarhöfn on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, did not wish to convert to Christianity.

The Irish slaves, whom the Vikings introduced with them to Iceland, have been additionally Christian. And the Irish who inhabited Iceland lengthy earlier than the Vikings arrived and drove them away or by some means included them into their settlement. What occurred to them we do not know, however there are some theories.

Hellar í Landsveit

The doorway to Hellnahellir cave and one other entrance with a crimson roof by the top of the cave. In my photograph above you may see how lengthy the cave is.

Sure, it doesn’t present from the surface that there are big caves beneath the bottom – a hidden world.


Hellnahellir, the Cave at Caves, could be visited with steerage from the farmers. They’re approx. 25 km from ring-road 1.

Hellnahellir cave.

Eitt finest falda leyndarmál landsins.

The Fb web page of Hellar.

Minjastofnun og Minjastofnun II

Biskup Íslands messaði í Hellnahelli

Hellnahellir 1952 – Dísukrókur.





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