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Instructions in Spanish: Key Phrases and Phrases for Getting Round

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Are you planning on touring to a Spanish-speaking nation?

Then it is best to completely take the time to be taught methods to ask for and provides instructions in Spanish.

You’ll thank your self the primary time you get misplaced—and it’s a good way to apply Spanish with locals!

Even should you don’t have a visit on the horizon, asking for and giving instructions in Spanish is a sensible talent value studying.

Learn on for helpful phrases, vocabulary and methods to apply.


19 Key Phrases for Giving and Receiving Instructions in Spanish

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If any of the vocabulary on this part is new to you, be sure you evaluate every phrase individually and be aware when they could change varieties. I’ve supplied a useful set of reference tables within the subsequent part if you wish to soar forward.

Approaching individuals for assist

Earlier than you ask for instructions, you’ll wish to say hey. Spanish has greetings for each state of affairs, however listed below are the perfect methods to politely break the ice with a stranger.

Hola. – Howdy.

Hola, Señor/Señora.
Howdy, Sir/Ma’am.

Buenos días. – Good morning.

Substitute buenos días with buenos tardes (good afternoon) or buenos noches (good night) relying on the time of day.

¡Hola, buenos días!
Howdy, good morning!

Disculpe. – Excuse me (formal).

Disculpe, estoy perdido.
Excuse me, I’m misplaced.

¿Me puedes ayudar? – Are you able to assist me?

¿Me puedes ayudar, por favor?
Are you able to assist me, please?

Asking for instructions

Estoy perdido/a. – I’m misplaced.

Disculpe, estoy perdida. ¿Me puedes ayudar?
Excuse me, I’m misplaced. Are you able to assist me?

Necesito ayuda. – I need assistance.

Necesito ayuda encontrar mi lodge.
I need assistance discovering my lodge.

Dónde está – The place is…

¿Dónde está el parque de Retiro?
The place is Retiro Park?

Estoy buscando – I’m on the lookout for…

Estoy buscando la calle Flores.
I’m on the lookout for Flower Avenue.

¿Hay un/una _____ por aquí? – Is there a(n) _____ round right here?

Hay un buen restaurante por aquí?
Is there a great restaurant round right here?

¿Está [cerca/lejos]? – Is it [close/far away]?

¿Está lejos la avenida 9 de Julio?
Is July 9th Avenue distant?

Giving instructions

Sigue recto. – Proceed straight.

Sigue recto hasta el semáforo.
Proceed straight till the stoplight.

Sigue la calle _____. – Comply with _____ Avenue.

You may change calle (road) with different comparable phrases like avenida (avenue), carretera (freeway), callejón (alleyway) or puente (bridge). In Spanish, in contrast to in English, these phrases usually come earlier than the road identify, not after.

For instance, if a road have been referred to as Chile Avenue in English, it’d be referred to as calle Chile in Spanish.

Sigue la avenida de España.
Comply with Spain Avenue.

[Gira/dobla] a la [derecha/izquierda]. – Flip [right/left].

Cuando llegues al parque, gira a la derecha.
Whenever you arrive on the park, flip proper.

[Ve/camina/conduce] hasta _____. – [Go/walk/drive] till the _____.

Camina hasta el gimnasio y gira a la izquierda.
Stroll till the health club and switch left.

Toma la primera [derecha/izquierda]. – Take the primary [right/left].

You can even substitute primera (first) with segunda (second) or tercera (third) based mostly in your wants.

Sigue recto, y toma la segunda izquierda.
Proceed straight, and take the second left.

Está a la [derecha/izquierda]. – It’s on the [right/left].

El banco está en la calle principal. Está a la derecha.
The financial institution is on Primary Avenue. It’s on the suitable.

Está al lado de _____. – It’s subsequent to _____.

[Está + a preposition + a place] is a formulation that you should utilize to explain the placement of one thing relative to a different location.

Mi casa está en frente de la escuela.
My home is throughout from the college.

Está a _____ minutos. – It’s _____ minutes away.

No está lejos. Está a diez minutos caminando.
It’s not far. It’s ten minutes away on foot.

Está a _____ [cuadras/manzanas/millas/kilómetros]. – It’s _____ [blocks/miles/kilometers] away.

Tendrás que conducir al restaurante. Está a cinco kilómetros de aquí.
You’ll should drive to the restaurant. It’s 5 kilometers from right here.

49 Key Vocabulary Phrases for Instructions in Spanish

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This vocabulary checklist accommodates dozens of probably the most helpful phrases associated to Spanish instructions. Click on on every one to listen to its pronunciation!






Spanish English
Recto | Derecho Straight (to explain an motion, like “stroll straight”)

Find out how to Use the Command Kind to Give Instructions in Spanish

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What good are Spanish course verbs should you can’t conjugate them?

Whenever you give instructions in Spanish, you’ll most certainly be utilizing the mandato (command) verb kind.

Should you’re utterly unfamiliar, click on right here for a rundown on Spanish instructions. Concern not—they’re easy to conjugate and have only a few irregularities!

As a fast refresher, there are 4 fundamental command varieties:

  • the kind (casual singular)
  • the usted kind (formal singular)
  • the vosotros kind (casual plural)
  • the ustedes kind (formal plural)

Keep in mind that vosotros is just utilized in Spain; in Latin America, ustedes is used to talk to any group of individuals, whatever the formality of the state of affairs. Learn extra in regards to the variations between Castillian and Latin American Spanish right here.

To offer instructions, you’ll most likely solely want affirmative instructions (i.e. telling individuals what to do), in order that’s what I’ll cowl right here.

Fast tip: The entire verbs on this text’s verb checklist are common within the command kind, apart from ir (to go). Its kind is ve, its usted kind is vaya, its vosotros kind is id and its ustedes kind is vayan.

The tú kind

Instructions within the kind are the identical because the él/ella/usted type of the straightforward current.

The usted kind

Instructions within the usted kind are the identical because the él/ella/usted type of the current subjunctive.

The vosotros kind

To kind instructions within the vosotros kind, merely take away the r on the finish of the infinitive and add a d.

The ustedes kind

And to kind instructions within the ustedes kind, use the ellos/ellas/ustedes type of the current subjunctive.

Why It’s Necessary to Study Spanish Instructions

Close-up of a man's hand pointing on a map

Should you’re going to a Spanish-speaking nation, you’ll probably must ask for instructions sooner or later! (Particularly should you occur to be dangerous with a map, like me.)

It’s clearly essential to know methods to ask for instructions—however should you can’t perceive the response, you’ll be simply as misplaced.

Studying about instructions permits you to apply plenty of helpful vocabulary. It additionally forces you to concentrate to tough prepositions and verb conjugations (particularly the command kind).

If you wish to see all this directional vocab in use, you are able to do so with FluentU. This language studying program gives genuine movies made by and for native Spanish audio system, in addition to the instruments that can assist you perceive each phrase.

directions in spanish

The interactive subtitles—vetted by Spanish language specialists—may be toggled on and off. Hover over a phrase to see a contextual definition. Click on on the phrase to get instance sentences, hyperlinks to different movies containing the phrase and extra.

Observe Solutions for Studying All Your Spanish Instructions

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Listed below are three straightforward, do-it-yourself workouts to be taught Spanish instructions or just refresh your reminiscence.

Writing apply: Select two places in your neighborhood or metropolis, and write methods to get from one to the opposite in Spanish.

Talking/listening apply: Discover a apply buddy and a map. Select a place to begin on the map collectively. Select an endpoint, however don’t share it together with your pal.

Now, inform your pal (in as a lot element as attainable) methods to get from the begin to the tip. Swap locations to apply each talking and listening!

Comprehension apply: Swap your cellphone to Spanish when utilizing your map app. With strolling instructions, you’ll apply your studying comprehension and through automotive journeys you’ll work in your listening comprehension.


Hopefully these easy phrases and vocabulary phrases will enable you to really feel much less misplaced when asking for instructions in Spanish.

So, the place are you headed? Sit down with a map or get out on the road and begin practising!



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