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Is that this the positioning of the primary church in Iceland at Esjuberg in Kjalarnes in SW-Iceland?

“In line with the twelfth chapter in Landnáma – the E book of Settlements the settler Kollur joined his blood-brother Örlygur gamli, who arrived in Patreksfjörður and lived at Örlygshöfn for the winter, which you’ll cross alongside the best way to Kollsvíok. 

Örlygur and Kollur are regarded as the primary missionaries in Iceland.

Örlygur known as upon his good friend, Bishop Patrick, whereas at risk at sea when arriving in Iceland, and that he would title the fjord after Patrick if they might be saved. Örlygur did not settle there although, however a few of his journey companions did. 

Örlygur carried on and settled in Kjalarnes in southwest Iceland the place his first cousin, Helgi bjóla lived.

Helgi’s foster-father, bishop Patrick from the Hebrideans, had requested him to construct a church in Iceland, the place he noticed two mountains from the ocean and a valley in every mountain, and the church was to be constructed underneath the southern mountain.

Örlygur, who had carried wooden for the church-building on his ship and a church bell, constructed one of many first church buildings in Iceland at Esjuberg underneath the mountain Esja near Reykjavíok, in keeping with Landnáma – the E book of Settlements, and the church is talked about in Kjalnesingasaga in chapters 1 and 18.

I visited the outside memorial altar at Esjuberg per week after the altar with a 2 meter tall Celtic stone cross was blessed by the Bishop of Iceland at summer season solstice 2021.

Kollur then again broke his ship by Kollsvíok and lived in the smallest settlement in Iceland (some 25 km²), which is almost certainly named after him, Kollsvíok cove. There’s not a lot that we find out about Kollur, however he will need to have constructed a church in Kollsvíok.

It’s troublesome to search out previous church ruins at Kollsvíok, it might be pretty to search out such previous ruins although. As there are speculations that his church could be the primary church in Iceland.

You may see church ruins of a small (12 sq.m.) early-Christianity church in Hjaltadalur in my travel-blog about Hólar in Hjaltadalur. That church is believed to have been inbuilt 984. I embrace myself in these photographs so that you’ve a comparability.

Kollur is believed to have settled Kollsvíok earlier than 880, lengthy earlier than Christianity was adopted in Iceland in 1000, however lots of the Irish individuals, who arrived in Iceland, had been Christians.

Auður djúpúðga, the famous settler lady was Christian and erected a cross on Krosshólaborg in West-Iceland. You may see a memorial stone cross for Auður at Krossaborg. She was additionally Örlygur’s first cousin, the sister of Helgi, however their fathers had been brothers.

Kollur wrecked his ship by Kollsvíok and the identical occurred to Auður djúpúðga when she arrived in South-Iceland.

Auður managed to succeed in her brother Helgi in Kjalarnes together with her fellow travellers, however he might solely absorb half of her group, so she went to Snæfellsnes in West-Iceland, to her brother Björn austræni in Bjarnarhöfn, who took in the entire group.

She then settled her personal land and lived at Hvammur in Dalir and her group settled numerous locations on this space as Laxdæla Saga tells us. In her group was one other Kollur, who acquired the title Dala-Kollur after he settled in Laxárdalur valley in West-Iceland, and an awesome a part of Laxdæla Saga and Njála tells us about his descendants.





















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