Licensed electrician at Green Tech Electric Inc., Canada-2024


Have you considered working as a Licensed electrician? Another full-time job in Canada that pays between CA$37 and CA$45 per hour is this one. Why ought you to think about applying for this position? A team that is committed to empowering the future is what Green Tech Electric Inc. is looking for.

Let’s discuss this job and the company that is offering it in more detail.


The engineers and electricians of Green Tech comprise the most varied group of contractors in Central Ontario. Amazing, huh? They also have certification for a comprehensive range of government grants and subsidies, a lengthy history of working in the commercial and industrial sectors of Central Ontario, and a practical, hands-on grasp of sustainable technology.

It is also noteworthy to observe that Green Tech Electric is capable and ready for projects of all shapes and sizes. You might then ask, What sort of work is this then”?What prerequisites must you meet to apply”? You must first obtain a license as a licensed electrician. See below for further duties and descriptions.

Job Specifications as a Licensed electrician

  1. Using both hand and power tools, you must be able to assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, apparatus, appliances, and fixtures.
  2. To identify the root of a breakdown and fix it, you should also be able to diagnose broken systems, machinery, and components with the aid of test instruments and hand tools.
  3. You may also be responsible for attaching wires to transformers, circuit breakers, and other parts.
  4. To detect risks, flaws, and the need for modification or repair, and to guarantee code compliance, a certified electrician should be able to examine electrical systems, apparatus, and parts.
  5. As previously stated, to comply with legal requirements, you must keep your electrician’s license or identity card up to date.
  6. By job specifications and local codes, you must also arrange the layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures
  7. You must supervise and instruct employees in the installation, upkeep, and repair of electrical fixtures, equipment, and wiring.
  8. To ascertain the placement of wiring and equipment and to guarantee compliance with construction and safety requirements, you must, when required, adhere to blueprints.
  9. You must be competent in carrying out business administration tasks including procuring supplies and equipment, creating reports, and keeping track of documents and data.
  10. It is anticipated that you will install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures while positioned on ladders, scaffolds, and roofs.

In addition to these fundamental prerequisites, the following requirements:

Additional prerequisites

  • A current Ontario license and prior business experience are prerequisites.
  • Working with electrical systems must be your passion, and safety must worry you.
  • You should have a foundation in technical and mechanical knowledge and skills, as well as a fundamental understanding of electrical standards for installation and repairs.
  • You need to be physically strong and endurance, have good vision, hand-eye coordination, inventiveness, and a rational approach to problem-solving.
  • As previously said, you should be able to comprehend specifications and designs and have some understanding of digital systems.
  • Above all, you should be able to work both independently and collaboratively, interact professionally with clients and coworkers, and demonstrate an interest in cutting-edge technology.

Then, how can you apply to become a Licensed electrician? You can begin the application process by clicking here or by writing to the company at 1320 Mid-Way Blvd Unit 23.


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