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By the point Shakespeare got here to put in writing The Tempest he had already adopted the mantra “scale back, reuse, recycle”. At 2,300 strains this play is lower than two-thirds the size of the super-sized Coriolanus, Hamlet or King Lear. It rinses out and repurposes eventualities, together with the bold fraternal traitor from Hamlet, the grasp and his fairy servant from A Midsummer Evening’s Dream and the bewildered travellers in a topsy-turvy world from The Comedy of Errors. Its language strips down acquainted phrases and remoulds them into new, extra opaque compounds: baseless, sea-change, cloud-capped. Elizabeth Freestone’s manufacturing of the play for the Royal Shakespeare Firm literalizes these inventive ecologies. Each the backstage logistics and the front-facing interpretation acknowledge, and try and mitigate, the place of this play within the local weather emergency. Like many interventions, this spectacular manufacturing is nonetheless torn between effectual optimism and paralysing eco-anxiety, fairly because the play itself is in the end ambivalent in regards to the prospects of change and renewal.

Half Pixar’s Wall-E, half seaside litter-pick, this island is actually not “naked”. Varied sorts of human and manufactured refuse have washed up on its foreshore. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s stage is fringed with a tidemark of plastic bottles and jerrycans, deployed as props in its elaborate flashback storytelling and repurposed as chess items; fronds of discarded polymer create Ariel’s disguises, together with a wonderful dark-feathered harpy; and the jittery courtiers, dressed, Glass Onion-style, in linen wedding ceremony fits and costly loafers, arm themselves with random bits of flotsam and jetsam. Prospero’s cell is a lean-to draped with tarpaulin and cluttered with discovered gadgets, and the magus’s magic cloak is an upcycled orange lifejacket. Ferdinand’s dream of his drowned father is movingly puppeted utilizing a stray anorak and a size of fishing web. One sudden consequence of the setting is listening to a brand new vocabulary of waste, “litter” and “trash”. Different acquainted passages are additionally considerably reframed by the context. Prospero’s lament for the ephemerality of the betrothal leisure, “our revels now are ended”, is right here a transferring threnody for the planet. The speech’s horizon is urgently literal, not self-reflexive: the “nice globe itself” actually is our wounded world, fairly than a understanding nod to the title of Shakespeare’s theatre.

That is one in all plenty of tactical suppressions that produce a fairly completely different emphasis from the current efficiency custom. This swerve is especially seen round problems with race and colonialism. Right here Caliban (Tommy Sim’aan) doesn’t clearly evoke the pathos and ethical outrage connected to the concept of “slave”, neither is he particularly racially marked because the offspring of an Algerian mom. Casting ladies in a number of key roles makes the sexual menace to Miranda appear a extra applicable justification for his subjugation than is commonly the case: an alliance between Caliban and a drunkenly violent Stephano (Simon Startin) over the beaten-up feminine Trinculo (Cath Whitefield) emphasizes gender, fairly than race, because the manufacturing’s important fault line.

Caliban’s snapping aggression reduces empathy and, although his speeches typically align him with the pure sources of the island, he’s by no means allowed the dignity of indigenous knowledge over its stewardship. Trinculo speculates {that a} portray of an odd fish could be a precious commodity within the fairgrounds of England, leaving out Shakespeare’s commercialized “useless Indian”. Claribel’s marriage to the King of Tunis, which set the nobles to sea within the first place, is subtly rewritten. Shakespeare’s Sebastian (right here performed by Grace Cookey-Gam) taunts Alonso (Peter De Jersey) for the complacency that noticed him “lose her to an African”: the substituted phrase “far Africa” does important work for the manufacturing’s emphasis. The politics – local weather change is a world emergency that trumps different divisions – is necessary, however maybe this offers the play undue permission to park its colonial unease.

Among the interpretation raises questions. When Ferdinand (Joseph Payne) fills a sq. Deliveroo backpack with litter, it’s a likeable signal of his goofy earnestness, maybe even a sign a few tidier future, however it isn’t in any respect clear the place this garbage would possibly go. An enormous framed mirror is hanging, however strikingly underused. The RSC’s web site reveals that it was salvaged from one other theatre, however recycling will not be in itself theatrically efficient. For Shakespeare the masque is a component of conspicuous theatrical consumption, a courtly leisure dropped at the general public stage. Right here an prolonged sequence in interval costumes from the prop field emphasises the parallels with The Winter’s Story’s fruitful pastoral in Bohemia. The stage opens out from the messy downstage detritus to disclose an intensive and superbly lit forest. The second means that the island is certainly – like Miranda – an unspoilt virgin whose honour should be protected. The manufacturing centres the masque as a second of Gaia goddess worship, however it’s unclear whether or not this imagines the island to be the paradisal escape from, or the tarnished consequence of, consumerist greed.

For The Tempest to have a contented ending we have to like Prospero. Alex Kingston’s central efficiency is powerfully maternal, treating Ariel’s calls for for freedom with the air of a father or mother negotiating a teenage curfew. She places Miranda (Jessica Rhodes) to sleep with light care and a toy rabbit, relishes the easy energy of her rotating stave to inflict cramps and jerks, and secretes Antonio’s murderous ice choose like a hairpin into her sensible birds’-nest hair. Her determination, prompted by Ariel, that “the rarer motion was in advantage than in vengeance” was by no means actually unsure: this was a middle-aged girl irritated at being taken with no consideration, not one to homicide her shipwrecked company. The speech “Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves” that Shakespeare recycles from Ovid’s Medea is neither bombastic nor lethal, however tentative, confiding, summoning the flighty spirits of the island. Turning Prospero into a lady makes her take care of her daughter and her marriage prospects much less creepy, but it surely additionally domesticates her, limiting the sphere of her mum-magic. The primary scene on the island sees her taking within the washing, her magic workers pressed into service as a garments prop, and when she oversees the courtship of Miranda and Ferdinand she clucks with sentimental satisfaction.

Different characters fall into line with out actual resistance. Antonio (a snide, fairly than venal, Jamie Ballard) kneels to her for silent forgiveness. Even Caliban loses his chunk and meekly agrees to “be smart hereafter and look for grace”. Miranda’s surprise on the “courageous new world” is much less compromised than regular, and Prospero’s “’tis new to thee” appears much less cynical and extra indulgently parental. Her epilogue is delivered alone on stage after Ariel (Heledd Gwynn, a Welsh Ziggy Stardust with a stunning singing voice), lastly freed, soars away from earth. Kingston right here accesses an sudden anguish that appears to be about private loneliness fairly than existential despair. Her “please you, draw close to” is a plea for human contact. The remainder of the celebration has already left. We clap, as requested, to launch her from her bands, however it isn’t fairly clear to what finish or in the direction of what future. The ambiguous ending is partly Shakespeare’s, partly Freestone’s. The manufacturing is in the end unclear whether or not it’s already too late for forgiveness and for a brand new contract between the pure and the human world.

In 2015 the journal Nature printed an article suggesting that the beginning of the Anthropocene needs to be estimated utilizing dates of world fairly than regional significance. As an alternative of the Industrial Revolution in western Europe, the important thing date was 1610, when the results of the environmentally and culturally cataclysmic encounter between east and west within the so-called New World started to be felt throughout the globe. Additionally it is the date when Shakespeare started work on The Tempest. This RSC manufacturing balances its commitments with dramaturgical deftness and political power, however in the long run it lacks the braveness basically to discomfort its viewers, sipping from biodegradable cups from the interval bar. Taking its cue from Prospero’s ultimate speech, this Tempest’s mission “was to please”. Maybe we want one thing much less stunning to convey house the urgency of the message.

Emma Smith teaches English at Hertford School, Oxford. Her most up-to-date e-book is Moveable Magic: A historical past of books and their readers, 2022

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