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The Longest Phrases in English: Get Able to Problem Your self!

The longest phrase within the English language is “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.”

Attempt saying that rapidly 5 instances!

On this submit we’ll discover a number of the longest phrases in English, plus train you how one can break them down so to pronounce them simply.


Letters: 45

Definition (noun): Lung illness brought on by inhaling mud or volcanic ash

The affected person is experiencing indicators of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis after climbing close to the location of a volcanic eruption.

That is the longest phrase that exists within the English language. As with different lengthy phrases, you have to be affected person and break it down into its particular person elements.

As you possibly can see under, understanding the elements of this phrase might be particularly useful for anybody learning English in an instructional, scientific or medical surroundings.

Important phrase elements: Pneumo- (lung), microscopic- (small), coni- (particles) and a suffix: -osis (typically signifies a illness).

Extra Lengthy Phrases in English

longest word in english

We’ll present you the important elements of those lengthy phrases that may enable you to study the phrase itself and different English phrases. We’ll particularly observe frequent English prefixes and suffixes to concentrate to.


Letters: 189,819

Definition (noun): Chemical composition of “titin,” which is the biggest identified protein within the physique  

This phrase has taken some folks round 2-3.5 hours to pronounce! Wonderful, isn’t it? It’s not, nonetheless, thought-about the longest phrase in English—as a result of it’s not in a dictionary. 

Important phrase elements: Amino acid residues that make up the protein. These embrace methionine, threonine, glutamine, alanine, and isoleucine.


Letters: 29

Definition (noun): Deciding that one thing has no worth

Since my pockets was changing into so large, I took a couple of minutes for some floccinaucinihilipilification of all of the outdated playing cards I used to be retaining in there.

That is a kind of complicated phrases that appears made up. It was fashioned from varied Latin phrases and might nonetheless be complicated to know after breaking it down.

Important phrase half: Nihili- (nothing)


Letters: 19

Definition (noun): Inconceivable to know

The incomprehensibility of the phrase made folks query its which means.

This phrase has frequent prefixes and suffixes that you will note in lots of different English phrases. Plus, it’s possible you’ll already be aware of extra primary types of this phrase, comparable to incomprehensible (adjective — unattainable to know)

Important phrase elements: embrace a prefix in- (not), a root phrase prehend (from the Latin for “grasp”), and a suffix: –ity (suffix used to kind a noun out of an adjective).


Letters: 13

Definition (adjective): Secret, stealthy

The robbers had been surreptitious as they stole the jewels.

This phrase is used pretty recurrently amongst native English audio system. It is among the much less complicated lengthy English phrases.

Important phrase half: Prefix: sur- (below, under)


Letters: 20

Definition (adverb): Not typical

The star basketball participant uncharacteristically missed the game-winning shot.

Right here is one other pretty customary phrase that helps you follow each a typical prefix and suffix.

Important phrase elements: Prefix: un- (not) and a suffix: -ly (used to kind an adjective)


Letters: 34

Definition (adjective): Particularly fantastic

The solar is shining and all is correct on the planet. It’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day.

It is a made-up phrase that native English audio system acknowledge from the traditional 1964 “Mary Poppins” film (though a model of this phrase was invented even earlier).

Important phrase elements: Cali- (magnificence).


Letters: 17

Definition (adjective): Pertaining to the layer of the pores and skin beneath the fingertips

The subdermatoglyphic state of everybody’s fingerprints are completely different.

This phrase is extraordinarily uncommon, and could also be extra attention-grabbing to linguists than to medical professionals. That’s as a result of it’s a very lengthy isogram, or a phrase that doesn’t repeat any letters.

Important phrase elements: Prefix: sub- (below, under — much like “sur-“), derma- (pores and skin) and a suffix: -ic (used to kind an adjective).


Letters: 11

Definition (adjective): Self-restraining

You by no means have hassle sticking to your weight loss plan. You might be so abstentious!

You’ll extra generally hear abstain, the verb type of this phrase. Abstain means to keep away from or restrain your self from one thing, like alcohol, online-shopping, meals, and so forth.

Important phrase elements: Suffix: -ious (used to kind an adjective).


Letters: 15

Definition (adjective): Not capable of copyright a chunk of art work. If one thing is uncopyrightable, one individual can’t stop others from copying or distributing the artwork.

The thought was not unique, so it was sadly uncopyrightable.

Un- and -able are frequent phrase elements. Attempt to memorize these and search for them in different English phrases.

Important phrase elements: Prefix: un- (not) and a suffix: -able (capability).


Letters: 35

Definition (noun): Concern of lengthy phrases

As she learn this text, she realized that she had a extreme case of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

This can be how you feel proper now.

Important phrase elements: Suffix: -phobia (concern).


Letters: 28

Definition (noun): A political philosophy against the disestablishment of the Church of England.

The phrase was used to explain a political motion in England within the 1800s. Individuals supporting this motion had been in opposition to a plan to separate the church from the state.

There have been many supporters of antidisestablishmentarianism in Wales. 

Important phrase elements: Prefix: anti- (in opposition to) and dis- (reverse of), suffix: -arian (engaged in), and -ism (a perception in).


Letters: 27

Definition (noun): State of with the ability to obtain honors.

Dumbledore was well-known for many issues, together with being honorificabilitudinitatibus

This uncommon Latin phrase options in William Shakespeare’s play “Love’s Labour’s Misplaced.”

Important phrase elements: A root phrase honorificabilitudin (the state of being honorable) and suffix: –itatibus (a state of being). 


Letters: 28

Definition (noun): A uncommon inherited endocrine dysfunction that causes irregular progress of bones. 

She was identified with pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism

Important phrase elements: Pseudo-(prefix) which means false, hypo-(prefix) which means under. Parathyroid- (root phrase) small glands in our physique which regulate calcium, and -ism (suffix) which means “a perception in.”

Longest Adjectives in English

  • Unconventionally — one thing or somebody isn’t following accepted requirements or conventions (14 letters)
  • Uncontrollably — in a approach that’s too sturdy to be restrained or managed (13 letters)
  • Unforgettably — in a fashion that you simply can’t neglect it (13 letters)
  • Unimaginably — in a approach that’s troublesome to think about (12 letters)
  • Unmistakably — in a approach that can’t be mistaken for one thing else (12 letters)
  • Unquestionably — in a approach that can’t be doubted (13 letters)
  • Unreasonably — which means that one thing is unfair or not based mostly on good sense (12 letters)
  • Unstoppably — in a approach that’s unable to be stopped (11 letters)
  • Unthinkably — it signifies that one thing can’t be accepted as a risk (11 letters)

Longest Suffixes in English

  • -ization — it creates a noun that denotes the act, course of or results of an motion (9 letters)
  • -iveness — it reveals a high quality or tendency (9 letters)
  • -fullness — it creates a noun that denotes the standard of being full or full (9 letters)

Longest Prefixes in English

  • Inter- — which means between, amongst (5 letters)
  • Trans- — which means throughout or past (5 letters)
  • Hyper- — means excessively, past regular (5 letters)
  • Tremendous- — which means above, past (5 letters)
  • Extremely- — which means extraordinarily, past regular (5 letters)
  • Mega- — means very massive, large (5 letters)

Longest Verbs in English

  • Counterdemonstrate — to exhibit in opposition to a different demonstration (14 letters)
  • Decontaminate — to take away harmful substances from one thing (12 letters)
  • Disenfranchise — to deprive somebody of a proper or privilege, particularly of the best to vote (12 letters)
  • Disseminate — to unfold extensively or to scatter (11 letters)
  • Encapsulate — to surround one thing in a capsule (11 letters)
  • Excommunicate — to expel from a church or different non secular group (12 letters)
  • Extrapolate — to deduce from identified information or knowledge (11 letters)
  • Hypothesize — to kind a speculation or conjecture (11 letters)
  • Interrogate — to query formally or search completely (11 letters)
  • Reincorporate — to include once more or anew (13 letters)

The right way to Study the Longest Phrases in English

longest word in english

Firstly: Break every phrase down into manageable elements

Whereas lengthy English phrases can appear complicated, breaking them down into elements will make studying them simpler!

Every of the phrases we focus on on this article, we’ll present you the vital parts together with prefixes, suffixes and roots. Let’s outline the elements of a phrase and what they characterize.

  • Root phrase: the bottom type of a phrase
  • Prefix: a component hooked up to the start of a root phrase that alters its which means
  • Suffix: a component hooked up to the tip of a root phrase that alters its which means

Secondly: Use vocabulary reminiscence tips

  • Put the phrases and phrase elements onto flashcards. Flashcards are an ideal approach to research and memorize lengthy phrases. The language studying program FluentU means that you can make your personal multimedia flashcards that are linked to a curated library of genuine movies—together with information studies, inspiring talks and music movies. 

  • Maintain a operating checklist. Monitor phrase elements in a pocket book. Any time you encounter a brand new prefix, suffix or root phrase, write it down in your checklist. This may enable you to preserve monitor of the phrase elements you study. You’ll be able to consult with this checklist as you attempt to study different lengthy and complicated phrases.


However most significantly, attempt to have enjoyable with these phrases. Be affected person and you’ll begin saying them very quickly!



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