Top Fully Funded Chemistry Scholarships-2023/2024



Chemistry is a really interesting and fascinating field that offers lots of exciting career opportunities. There are lots of amazing fully funded chemistry scholarships that can help foster the present and upcoming generations of scientists.

Chemistry is regarded as magic, full of fun, facts and mystery. Consider these available fully funded chemistry scholarships and simply get yourself amazed and inspired by a world of chemistry.



There is an increase in demand for chemistry majors. Why not grab this opportunity and secure yourself one of these prestigious and fully funded chemistry scholarships? Explore the scholarships below and begin your journey into a successful educational career in chemistry.

The EDUFI Fellowship Scholarship

These fully funded chemistry scholarships are meant to provide starting funding for research for a PhD thesis in Finland. These students or young researchers from other countries can study in a Finnish university department with full financing to complete their research project, obtain a double degree, or simply come on a study visit for very compelling reasons.

The fellowship will last 3-12 months, with visits lasting 3-6 months, and the successful candidate will get 1,500 euros per month. All Subjects are open to candidates. You cannot apply for the EDUFI Fellowship yourself because it is only available as a personal award through a Finnish university department.

To apply, go online and fill out a form in Finnish, Swedish, or English. There are directions for completing it as well as a list of essential annexes. Send your completed form to Kirjaamo(at) oph. fi, with “EDUFI Fellowship” in the subject line. Of course, you can get a chemistry degree on this scholarship.

Postdoctoral Fellowship at Ume University’s Department of Chemistry in Sweden


The Department of Chemistry at Ume University provides these fantastic fully funded chemistry scholarships to explore the prevalence of environmental pollutants in wastewater and how environmental pollutants are dispersed in wastewater-based products. It is part of an ongoing international collaboration with South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The Department of Chemistry is one of the major departments within the Faculty, with about 200 staff. Students also learn how to solve and evaluate chemistry-related challenges. To apply, send a completed application as a PDF to [email protected] in either English or Swedish.

Among other requirements, a complete application must include a personal letter summarizing qualifications and explaining why you are applying for the position, a Curriculum Vitae (CV), a Certified copy of your doctoral degree certificate, Certified copies of other diplomas, academic course certificates, and/or grades. These grants provide enormous assistance to students.

Fred Walker Fully Funded Chemistry Scholarship

TheseĀ fully funded chemistry scholarships are only available to students who have previously earned a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the University of Melbourne and have recently enrolled in either the Master of Science, Bachelor of Science (Honours), or Postgraduate Diploma in Science School of Chemistry. This scholarship is distinct from others in that no application is necessary.

If you match the aforementioned criteria, you will be immediately evaluated for this award. You can either receive a single payment or an immediate complete benefit. Furthermore, it is open to both Australian and international students. Eligibility You must hold a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree from the University of Melbourne.

You must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (Honours) program at the School of Chemistry, or your first year of a Master of Science or Postgraduate Diploma in Science. Once you have met the eligibility requirements, you will be ranked based on your academic performance.


Apply for these fully funded chemistry scholarships as it is a great investment for your future. How do you feel each time you achieve a goal? Glad right? fulfilled?

As you read this article, open doors to brand new opportunities and broaden your horizon. Work with your passion and make your world different. Do not hesitate to apply for these scholarships. It is the best decision you could ever make.


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