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Vosotros Instructions: The Full Information [With Example Sentences]


¡Escuchad! (Hear!)

¡Prestad atención! (Listen!)

Look carefully on the instructions above. Do they appear unfamiliar or unusual to you?

In the event you discovered Spanish within the Americas, it’s doubtless that they do, since these instructions are within the vosotros kind.

The vosotros kind is the casual, second-person plural kind (“you all”) and it’s used completely in Spain.

On this publish, we’ll inform you all the pieces you have to find out about forming instructions within the vosotros kind.


What Is Vosotros?

I like to consider vosotros because the Spanish equal of “you guys” or “y’all.” In different phrases, use it in Spain to imply “you” when referring to a number of individuals in an off-the-cuff state of affairs. For instance:

¿Vais a la fiesta de Pablo? (Are you guys going to Pablo’s social gathering?)

In the event you discovered Latin American Spanish, you’ll in all probability be accustomed to utilizing the ustedes kind to seek advice from any group of multiple particular person, whether or not formal or casual.

Compared with many Latin American international locations, Spaniards have a tendency to make use of casual conjugations (and vosotros) rather more often and reserve ustedes completely for very formal conditions, resembling a job interview.

When To Use Vosotros Instructions

Now that we’ve gone by when to make use of vosotros, let’s speak about when to make use of vosotros instructions.

Use a vosotros command everytime you need to direct or command a gaggle of multiple particular person. For instance:

¡Sacad vuestros libros, por favor! (Take out your books, please!)

Instructions are helpful for expressing authority, nevertheless they will also be well mannered or pleasant. The command kind can be utilized to recommend.

For instance, when talking to your mates, you possibly can use the command kind to say:

¡Venid a la fiesta! (Come to the social gathering!)

¡Pasadlo bien! (Have time!)

¡Contadme lo que os pasó anoche! (Inform me what occurred to you guys final evening!)

In these circumstances, the instructions aren’t actually demanding something—they’re only a method of expressing a suggestion, hope or need.

How To Kind Vosotros Instructions

In Spanish, you conjugate instructions otherwise primarily based on whether or not you’re making a optimistic or detrimental command.

A optimistic command is once you inform somebody to do one thing. “Go away,” “Let’s go to the flicks,” and “Sit down, please” are all examples of optimistic instructions.

Alternatively, you utilize a detrimental command once you inform somebody to not do one thing. “Don’t eat that,” “Don’t fear” and “Don’t go” are all examples of detrimental instructions.

On this part, we’ll discover ways to conjugate optimistic and detrimental vosotros instructions.

Constructive Vosotros Instructions

Forming the optimistic vosotros command is among the best Spanish conjugation guidelines you’ll ever should be taught:

Merely take any infinitive verb, drop the ultimate r and add a d.

For instance, the infinitive hablar (to talk) turns into the command ¡hablad! (communicate!).

There isn’t a single irregular conjugation for vosotros instructions.

Listed here are some examples of optimistic vosotros instructions:

¡Mirad la televisión! (Have a look at the tv!)

¡Venid a cenar! (Come to have dinner!)

¡Bebed agua! (Drink water!)

Detrimental Vosotros Instructions

Very similar to detrimental tú, usted and ustedes instructions, detrimental vosotros instructions require the usage of the Spanish subjunctive temper.

For detrimental instructions, -ar, -er and -ir verbs have barely totally different guidelines:

For -ar verbs, to kind a detrimental command you drop the ­-ar ending and add -éis:

¡No habléis así! (Don’t communicate like that!)

For –er and –ir verbs, to kind a detrimental command you drop the ending and add -áis:

¡No vendáis la casa! (Don’t promote the home!)

¡No subáis al autobús! (Don’t get on the bus!)

With detrimental instructions, you’ll should take care of the identical stem-changing verbs and irregular varieties as you do with the subjunctive. Nevertheless, if you happen to be taught the vosotros subjunctive you’ll instantly know the detrimental instructions, and vice versa!

Listed here are just a few extra examples to get you extra used to this kind:

¡No vengáis nunca más a mi casa! (Don’t ever come to my home once more.)

¡No tengáis miedo! (Don’t be afraid!)

¡No lleguéis tarde! (Don’t arrive late!)

With observe, you’ll shortly grasp detrimental vosotros instructions. Within the meantime, this helpful Spanish verb conjugation software is an absolute life-saver.

Including Pronouns to Vosotros Instructions

Direct or Oblique Object Pronouns

When forming instructions within the vosotros kind, you’ll sometimes need to add direct or oblique object pronouns to the command.

In a optimistic vosotros command, add the thing pronoun on to the top of the phrase:

¡Hacedlo! (Do it!)

¡Escuchadme! (Take heed to me!)

Tenedlo en mente. (Maintain it in thoughts.)

With detrimental instructions, then again, the object pronoun goes between the phrase “no” and the verb:

¡No lo hagáis! (Don’t do it!)

¡No me digáis eso! (Don’t inform me that!)

¡No la compréis! (Don’t purchase it!)

Reflexive Pronouns

In the event you’re conjugating reflexive verbs within the vosotros kind, you’ll need to use the reflexive pronoun os. 

Much like direct and oblique object pronouns, the reflexive pronoun os is positioned on the finish of optimistic instructions. Nevertheless, when including the pronoun os, you take away the ultimate d of the optimistic command.

¡Callaos! (Be quiet!)

¡Lavaos las manos! (Wash your arms!)

When conjugating an -ir verb like this, you have to add an accent mark:

¡Decidíos! (Make up your minds!)

There’s just one irregular conjugation to fret about: The verb irse (to go away) retains its ultimate d and turns into ¡idos! (Go away!).

That is the grammatically appropriate strategy to conjugate optimistic instructions. Nevertheless, you could discover that there are specific colloquial variations which might be broadly used and accepted in Spain.

Some audio system will maintain the ultimate d hooked up to the command, saying one thing like ¡Sentados! (Sit down!) as a substitute of sentaos.

Different occasions, you’ll see individuals change that ultimate d with an r when including the pronoun os. For instance, ¡Veniros! (Come right here!) as a substitute of veníos.

Each conjugations are technically “incorrect,” however quite common in colloquial speech.

With regards to reflexive pronouns, detrimental instructions are a lot less complicated. Very similar to object pronouns, the os merely comes between the phrase “no” and the verb:

¡No os caséis! (Don’t marry one another!)

¡No os mováis! (Don’t transfer!)

Utilizing Media to Study Vosotros Instructions

One of the best ways to be taught the vosotros instructions is to eat native media and see how they’re utilized by native audio system. 

Books and TV reveals might be good methods to be taught when and methods to use vosotros instructions. Simply be certain that the media you select comes from Spain, because you gained’t hear vosotros in most applications from Latin America.

For instance, you possibly can get the Castilian Spanish translation of “Harry Potter.”  You can additionally discover a Spanish program on Netflix like “La casa de papel” (“Cash Heist”) or change the language on Netflix to “European Spanish” and hearken to the dubbed model of your favourite film.

For slightly further studying help, you possibly can go for a language studying program like FluentU. FluentU makes use of genuine movies resembling film clips, fascinating talks and music movies to immerse you in a language. Every video comes with interactive subtitles which you’ll be able to hover over for extra details about the phrases used, resembling pronunciation data and grammar. 

This system is obtainable to entry in your browser and by downloading the iOS or Android app.

By consuming native media, you’ll have the ability to see how vosotros instructions are utilized in context and also you’ll quickly change into assured in utilizing them.


With regards to vosotros instructions, ¡no tengáis miedo, chicos! (Don’t be afraid, guys!)

This conjugation kind might sound unfamiliar if you happen to’re accustomed to Latin American Spanish however you may nonetheless grasp it!

Estudiad (research) and also you’ll be a professional at vosotros instructions very quickly in any respect.



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