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The Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships provide valuable financial support to students hailing from developing countries. The scholarship is designed to assist with covering tuition fees and general expenses associated with education. It is open to students from Austrian Development Cooperation’s (ADC) priority countries as well as students from other developing nations.

This initiative reflects Austria’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities and contributing to the development of individuals in regions facing socio-economic challenges. By offering support to students through these scholarships, Austria aims to empower them to pursue higher education and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive contributions to their communities and countries.


The scholarship program not only aims to alleviate financial burdens but also strives to create a more inclusive and diverse educational landscape. By reaching out to students from developing countries, the Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships contribute to building a global community of well-educated individuals who can play pivotal roles in addressing pressing global challenges and fostering sustainable development.

Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships Summary

  • Host Country: Austria
  • Study Abroad: Study in Europe
  • Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships
  • Eligible Countries: 9 Selected Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship | €205 Monthly Stipend | Accommodation | Flight Ticket | Feeding | Health Insurance
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: March 31, 2024

Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships Details:

The Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships are awarded for the Diploma Course of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. The Diploma Course includes:

  • A General Module
  • A Professional Module: Hospitality Management or Tourism Management
  • An Elective: Entrepreneurship or Teacher Training

Students have the choice to enroll at ITH either through private funding or by availing scholarships provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The Austrian Development Cooperation offers a limited number of scholarships annually. It is important to note that being awarded a scholarship is not guaranteed and involves a highly competitive selection process.

Prospective students should be aware that meeting the criteria for a scholarship does not guarantee automatic acceptance, as the allocation of scholarships is based on stringent evaluation and only a limited number of positions are available each year. The application process for scholarships is highly competitive, underscoring the need for applicants to demonstrate exceptional qualifications and capabilities to enhance their chances of receiving this financial support.

Eligibility Requirements for 2024 Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships:


To be considered for the Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships, you must:

  • be a student from ADC’s priority countries
  • be a student from other developing countries

Benefits of 2024 Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Flight tickets (from home country to Salzburg and back)
  • Health insurance
  • Food from Monday – Sunday
  • Excursions (except field trip to ITB Berlin)
  • € 205 pocket money per month

Interested and qualified applicants should use the link created below to proceed to the application page and follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the application form properly and legibly.
  • Make sure you supply all the required information and attach the entire required documents.
  • Send translated English or German documents if required.
  • Check your email regularly and included a working e-mail address and phone number
  • Apply on time. Applications after 31st March 2024 will not be processed.
  • Provide all admission requirements (read the ITH application form, and visa process carefully).
  • Clarify any doubts with the ITH office and Austrian embassy/consulate
  • In your motivation letter make clear why you are interested in the program and why you should receive a scholarship.

Best Wishes

Deadline: March 31, 2024


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