Best Fully Funded Scholarships For Civil Engineering-2023/2024


Fully funded scholarships for civil engineering are here to turn your dreams, goals and interests into better achievements.

Have you imagined building the world’s most sophisticated and iconic structures, designing cities or looking for better innovations that can help tackle some pressing global challenges?


If you are passionate about moulding the future through civil engineering but the cost of education and financing this dream stands your way, fear not!

This is a realm of grand possibilities so let your designs become concrete realities. Civil engineers build bridges, skyscrapers touch the skies.

The path to achieving this dream might seem daunting financially speaking but this article would provide a key to unlocking the potential in you.

This article is simply tailored for aspiring civil engineers.

Fully Funded Scholarships For Civil Engineering


This is a journey of a lifetime. We will now explore why fully funded scholarships for civil engineering are worth considering.

You would not be left hungry and yearning.

This article will highlight some promising and prospective scholarships you should apply for. Let’s check them out!

Departmental Scholarships at Imperial College London

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial London College offers these fully funded Civil Engineering scholarships.

The purpose is to support PhD studies in any of its research fields by selecting the most excellent PhD candidates and providing financial assistance to them.

Aside from this prize, the College also administers the Imperial President’s Scholarships and the Imperial CSC Scholarships.

The panel formed to award these scholarships considers recommendations and work experience following graduation.

Prospects must submit their applications before the deadline to be considered. You must also meet the conditions to be eligible.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • You must find a PhD supervisor by browsing the school’s website’s research and academic staff sections.
  • Here, you can identify subjects of interest and potential supervisors.
  • Then, make direct contact with your preferred supervisor(s) to discuss prospective projects and funding sources.
  • You can now submit your PhD application for admission via the Registry’s online admissions processes.

To begin, you would be required to create an imperial account.

The University of Sheffield International Scholarship

The University of Sheffield offers fully supported Civil Engineering scholarships of £2,500 per year for degrees in the Faculty of Engineering, particularly Civil Engineering.

They are awarded based on persistent academic progress, thus you must have applied to the university as a student without submitting a supplementary application.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you are eligible.

This includes beginning your undergraduate degree studies at the University of Sheffield by the next academic session.

You would also be ineligible for this scholarship if you have previously received another scholarship.

As mentioned earlier, you must have applied for the University of Sheffield as a fresher before you can qualify.

It should be noted that these fully funded scholarships for Civil Engineering will only be in the form of a tuition fee reduction.

To qualify, you must be a foreign student enrolled in either full-time or part-time study.

Online or distance study students are not eligible for these fully funded Civil Engineering scholarships.

Furthermore, you are not permitted to postpone your admittance to another year. This could result in you losing the scholarship.

To do this, you would have to register first.


Fully funded scholarships for civil engineering are not just opportunities but they are magic stepping stones to a better future.

The scholarships will not only ease you from incurring financial debt but also help you become a skilled and successful civil engineer.

You would love that to come to a reality right? Do not hesitate!

Apply for this scholarship today and also check out other fully funded scholarships for other related fields.


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