Best Fully Funded Scholarships In Environmental Science-2023/24



Are you seeking to pursue a degree in environmental science but lack the financial means to go about that? There are several fully funded scholarships in environmental science that will be highlighted in this sumptuous and freshly baked article.

Indeed environmental science is a very great field to pursue. If you are interested in studying the environment and human interaction with it, the cost isn’t a problem. Just follow along and read this article to find some top scholarship programs in environmental science.



Are you interested in environmental science? This article will highlight some fully funded scholarships in environmental science. Grab a seat, chill and let’s dive in!!! Enjoy…

MESPOM (Masters In Environmental Science, Policy and Management)

With assistance from two universities in the United States and Canada and 18 partners worldwide, four top European universities manage the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management (MESPOM).

This program provides students with the opportunity to study environmental science and policy in a grand and global context. Some benefits of the fully funded scholarships in environmental science include:

  • full tuition fee
  • A monthly allowance to cover personal expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Installation fee

Click HERE to apply.

Sir Neil Isaac Environmental Science Scholarship


These fully funded scholarships in environmental science are only offered to one student at a time and are only available once a year. The University Council bestows it on the advice of a selection committee comprised of the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of Science, and a person nominated by the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust. All candidates who have been shortlisted may be required to attend an interview with the Committee. During the interview, this Committee evaluates the following:

  • Research interests that are aligned with The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust
  • Character
  • Volunteer work and future professional goals
  • Capability to do research
  • Academic success

The benefit of enrolling in this particular scholarship program is that it will be able to equip you and teach you the nitty-gritty of the course, Environmental Science. You can not possibly graduate from this school as a beneficiary of the scholarship without excelling in your career path. Go ahead and apply now.

DAAD Masters Degree Scholarships For International Students

As previously indicated, these fully funded scholarships in environmental science are only available to Masters students. It is open to international students who intend to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in Germany.

This scholarship supports Master’s and PhD degrees in environmental science as well as other subjects relevant to environmental science, such as:

  • Water Resource Engineering Environmental Science
  • Infrastructure Planning for Renewable Energy
  • Hydrology
  • Air Quality Management
  • Photogrammetry for Solid Waste and Waste Water Processing
  • Geoinformatics
  • Natural Disasters

It is a fully financed scholarship that covers tuition costs, travel expenses or allowance, a monthly scholarship payment of 850 euros, contributions towards health, accident, and personal liability insurance coverage, and other perks that the scholarship bearer receives based on specific circumstances.

  • The applicant must not have spent more than 15 months in Germany.
  • He or she must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the profession for which he or she is applying that is no more than six years old.
  • Before applying for this scholarship, the applicant must first apply to any of the accepted universities.


I understand that obtaining a degree in environmental science might be costly, but the scholarships described in this article can assist in lessening the financial load. This implies you won’t have to pay a thing to become a qualified Environmental Scientist.

Furthermore, the fully funded scholarships in environmental science listed in the article are among the best accessible for overseas students studying environmental science. Apply Now!


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