Common Issues Handled by US Immigration Lawyers – A Guide for Noncitizens


Common Issues Handled by US Immigration Lawyers - A Guide for NoncitizensNavigating the US immigration system can be a complex and confusing process, particularly for non-citizens who may not be familiar with the legal and bureaucratic requirements involved. This is where the expertise of US immigration lawyers can be invaluable, as they can help non-citizens understand their rights and obligations, navigate the legal system, and address any issues that may arise.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the common issues handled by US immigration lawyers and provide a guide for non-citizens on how to work with a lawyer to resolve these issues.


Applying for Visas and Residency
One of the most common reasons that non-citizens seek the assistance of immigration lawyers is to apply for visas or residency in the United States. There are a range of different visas and residency options available, each with their own eligibility requirements and application processes.

An immigration lawyer can help non-citizens understand their options, determine which visas or residency programs they may be eligible for, and assist with the application process. This can involve gathering and organizing documentation, filling out forms, and submitting applications to the relevant government agencies.

Responding to Requests for Evidence (RFEs)
When non-citizens apply for visas or residency, they may receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) from the government agency processing their application. An RFE is a request for additional documentation or information in order to clarify or support the information provided in the initial application.

Responding to an RFE can be a challenging and time-consuming process, particularly for non-citizens who may not be familiar with the legal requirements involved. An immigration lawyer can assist with responding to RFEs, helping to ensure that all necessary documentation and information is provided and that the response is submitted in a timely manner.


Overcoming Admissibility Issues
Non-citizens may also face admissibility issues when applying for visas or residency. Admissibility issues can include criminal convictions, prior immigration violations, or other factors that may render the non-citizen ineligible for admission to the United States.

An immigration lawyer can help non-citizens navigate admissibility issues, exploring options such as applying for a waiver or arguing for relief from inadmissibility. With the assistance of a lawyer, non-citizens can work to address admissibility issues and increase their chances of being admitted to the United States.

Appealing Denials
If a non-citizen’s visa or residency application is denied, they may have the option to appeal the decision. Appealing a denial can be a complex and challenging process, as it requires presenting new evidence or arguments to support the application.

An immigration lawyer can assist with appeals, helping to identify the reasons for the denial, gathering and presenting new evidence, and advocating on behalf of the non-citizen before the relevant government agency or court.

Dealing with Deportation Proceedings
Non-citizens who are facing deportation proceedings can also benefit from the assistance of an immigration lawyer. Deportation proceedings can be complex and intimidating, involving hearings, evidence presentation, and legal arguments.

An immigration lawyer can represent the non-citizen in deportation proceedings, helping to argue for relief from deportation, explore alternative options, and ensure that their rights are protected throughout the process.


For non-citizens navigating the US immigration system, the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer can be invaluable. Whether they are applying for visas or residency, responding to requests for evidence, overcoming admissibility issues, appealing denials, or dealing with deportation proceedings, a lawyer can provide the guidance, support, and advocacy needed to successfully navigate the system. Non-citizens who are seeking legal assistance with immigration issues should not hesitate to contact an experienced immigration lawyer to learn more about their rights and options.


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