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This is another article that helps us take a look at an amazing school known as Fairleigh Dickinson University. Before we go into detail, let us look at a brief history of the University. We’ll be considering when and where it all began. Let’s get to it!

History Of Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University is a private institution established in 1942 by Dr. Peter Sammartino and his wife. Its campus covers 266 acres. It follows a semester-based academic calendar. Its tuition and fees total about $40000.


Fairleigh Dickinson University’s essence can be stated in three words: personal, global, and transformational. It is a centre of academic excellence dedicated to preparing global citizens through international education.

It has risen to become the largest private institution in New Jersey.

Let’s go to the beginning. It began as a two-year junior college and extended to a four-year curriculum in 1948 to meet the region’s higher education needs.

In 1954, it launched its first graduate program, a master’s degree in business administration, and acquired a second campus. It became a university in 1956 and later acquired a third site, presently known as the Florham site. It became the first American institution to own a campus in England when it purchased Wroxton College from Trinity College, Oxford institution.


Over the years, one of its duties has been to provide students with the necessary multidisciplinary, intercultural, and ethical understandings.

How about recent advancements? Today, this prestigious university offers over 100-degree programs. The curriculum emphasizes open-mindedness, diversity of thought, and cultural expression, which enriches students’ educational experiences.


Fairleigh Dickinson University operates four campuses.

  • Two in New Jersey: As a local student, you can pick between the suburban Florham Campus in Madison and the Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck, which both provide unique collegiate experiences. Florham Campus offers a liberal arts education alongside Division III athletic teams. The Metropolitan Campus provides a range of co-op education opportunities, competes in Division I athletics, and has a sizable graduate student population.
  • For off-campus study alternatives, the school has two overseas campuses: Wroxton College in South East England and the Vancouver Campus in British Columbia.
  • It also offers graduate degrees in the social sciences, health, and other fields as well as an online platform.

Notable Alumni Of Fairleigh Dickinson University

Dorothy Fontana, creator of the “Star Trek” television series, and former NFL player George Martin are among Fairleigh Dickinson University’s noteworthy alumni.

Why study at Fairleigh Dickinson University?

Why should you choose Fairleigh Dickinson University as an excellent choice for a local or foreign student?

Forbes magazine has recognized it as one of America’s best colleges. Furthermore, it has an acceptance rate of 87%.

Other scholarships recognize and reward great academic performance. This contains certain merit grants for international undergraduate students.

What else makes it special?

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers its students a variety of learning opportunities that will instruct, challenge, and equip them for a lifetime of accomplishment. It offers small and personal classes, allowing you to better connect with your lecturers and classmates.

As a student at this elite institution, you are ready to shock the nation on one of the world’s largest platforms. This school just serves as a stepping stone, allowing you to go out into the world and make a difference.

To this purpose, there is no discrimination or bias based on race, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, sex, ability status, age, country, or socioeconomic status. Please feel free to apply.

If you are wondering how to apply to this school, You should click here and begin your journey today. There are other articles that we have written about top universities that you should consider applying to. Check out this article to see a scholarship opportunity available to you.


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