Long-Haul Truck Driver At BLUEMOON FREIGHT INC.


Do you want to work in Canada as a long-haul truck driver? You have this job!

First off, who drives long-haul trucks and what are the duties of this job?


Who is a long-haul truck driver?

This driver travels thousands of miles to deliver freight or merchandise to one or more destinations. They may operate in groups of two and typically travel a considerable distance every day to ensure almost continuous cargo transportation.

The specifics of this work vary depending on the kind of commodities that need to be transported, aside from driving. Heavy trucks are driven by long-haul truck drivers on provincial, international, metropolitan, and interurban routes in order to move resources and goods.

The address for this position in Winnipeg is 113-952 CHANCELLOR DR. It provides a competitive pay of roughly $24.00 per hour, or 35 to 40 hours per week. It’s a full-time, permanent employment offer.

According to the job description, your work periods are:

  • Daytime
  • Evening
  • Weekend
  • Overtime
  • On Call
  • Early Morning.

With so many incredible bonuses included, you really ought to give this profession a shot. One of these advantages is that all working truck drivers are entitled to free parking. There are two positions open, which is another compelling incentive for you to think about applying for this position.

The next action you need to take right now is to see if you qualify to apply by looking over the conditions listed below. If, after reading it, you find that you don’t fit the requirements or credentials, you can look at other Canadian employment that are open to you right now here.

Conditions Of A Long-Haul Truck Driver

  • Language: English
  • Education: Diploma from secondary (high) school
  • Experience: Although further training may be given, you must already be a licensed truck driver.

Workplace environment of a Long-Haul Truck Driver

  • Since the company will pay for the relocation expenses, you must be open to changing locations.
  • Assignments
  • Unload and load products
  • Acquire the necessary documentation and specific authorization to carry goods on international routes.
  • Drive and operate straight or articulated trucks to move materials and cargo.
  • Keep an eye on the state of the car and check the brakes, tires, lighting, cold storage, and other components.
  • Make brake adjustments.
  • Carry out urgent roadside maintenance.
  • Conduct pre-trip, in-route, and post-trip inspections, and supervise all vehicle-related tasks.
  • Carry out preventative maintenance.
  • Gather information and send it to the central dispatch
  • Keep track of the gasoline used, distance traveled, hours worked, and cargo information
  • Tarping and guaranteeing cargo security and safety
  • Move and manage hazardous materials


  • Memberships, Certifications, and Courses
  • Class 1/1F/A Licence with Air Brakes Endorsement (semi trailer trucks)


  • You need to be knowledgeable about paperwork, which includes:
  • Reports of incidents or accidents
  • The bill of lading
  • Reports of dangerous goods incidents
  • Driver’s record
  • Report on inspection (pre-, en-, and post-trip)
  • Reports on upkeep and repairs
  • Trip summaries

Extra Conditions as a Long-Haul Truck Driver

You have to:

  1. Present a legitimate driver’s license
  2. Be prepared to travel overnight, across borders, and for extended periods of time abroad
  3. Be mindful of the details
  4. Manage bulky loads
  5. Put in extra time at work
  6. Take part in physically taxing activities
  7. Execute routine duties
  8. Sit for extended periods of time

Individual Capabilities as a Long-Haul Truck Driver

  • Effective interpersonal abilities
  • Adaptability

You may apply if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. Native Americans
  2. Those who are new to Canada
  3. Noticeable minorities
  4. Youth

You may also apply if you are a citizen of Canada, a permanent or temporary resident, or if you have a valid work permit.

Application Process as a Long-Haul Truck Driver

Send an email to [email protected].


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