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Have you ever heard of the Massachusetts Medical Society? It is not too late to know everything about this remarkable state medical association. This article reveals everything there is to know about this institution including when it started, its roles and milestones reached over the years. Let us begin with a brief history of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Brief History Of The Massachusetts Medical Society

The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a statewide professional group for physicians and medical students with 25,000 members. It is the oldest continually running medical organization in the United States, with the Acts of Incorporation approved by the Massachusetts State Legislature on November 1, 1781. This occurred just after the pivotal Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolution! It is meant to be a professional society of physicians, as established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with the Society able to license physicians qualified in their field.


Goal of the Society

The Society’s purpose, as stated by John Warren, one of its 31 founding members in 1781, is to advance medical and surgical knowledge. The Commonwealth eventually seized the right to issue licenses. However, more than 200 years later, the society remains as strong as ever.

Early roles of the Massachusetts Medical Society

The Massachusetts Medical Society has been serving the public’s interests since its inception. It petitioned the legislature in the late 1800s to establish a State Board of Health for the “purposes of looking after the sanitary interests of the people.” This subsequently evolved into the State Board of Health, which later became the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

In 1928, the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal was renamed The New England Journal of Medicine. This was a century after the first issue was released. This Journal has emerged as the world’s foremost medical publication.


In 1969, the Society amended its charter to read as follows: “The purposes of the Massachusetts Medical Society shall be to do all things as may be necessary and appropriate to advance medical knowledge, to develop and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards of medical practice and health care, and to promote medical institutions formed on liberal principles for the health, benefit and welfare of citizens of the Commonwealth.”



As previously stated, this is the most trusted and regarded leadership voice in healthcare. Since its incorporation, it has contributed to the advancement of medical science and the medical profession, thereby improving patient care and outcomes.

This proactive organization aims to improve and protect the physician-patient connection while also preserving the physician’s authority to make therapeutic decisions that benefit patients. Instead of being static, they stimulate the growth of high-quality treatment standards, as well as medical education, training, research, and professional continuing education.

How about today?

Recent accomplishments by the Massachusetts Medical Society

Today, the Massachusetts Medical Society is at the forefront of advocacy for patients and physicians. Recently, it has taken the lead in public health, health system reform, healthcare quality, and patient safety. What began with only 70 members in 1781 has grown to more than 23,000 now.

What about its commitment to the public interest?

This remarkable Society continues to serve the residents and physician community of Massachusetts. Headquarter Location The Massachusetts Medical Society headquarters are located at 860 Winter Street, Waltham Woods Corporate Center, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.

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