Software Developers at Calgary’s BUNIT CONSULTING INC


This is another chance for you to work with a team of software developers. There are a ton of advantages to this remote work. By delivering these options right to your door, this article has cut down on the amount of time you need to spend looking for a job.

First, let’s examine the duties of a software developer.

Who are Software Developers and what does their job involve

Programming knowledge is used by software developers to both create new software and enhance already-existing applications. They create and compose the code needed to create video games, mobile apps, and operating systems. Project managers frequently give the business objectives of a company to software developers, who then convert those demands into software specifications.


Additionally, they participate in every phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC), from identifying user requirements and predicting user behaviour to releasing an application in its entirety. They most likely collaborate with other engineers, computer programmers, or software developers in a team setting.

Responsibilities of a Software Developer

An average software developer’s daily responsibilities include:

  • Examining software users’ wants
  • Creating, evaluating, and testing software to satisfy user requirements
  • Designing models and diagrams that describe the code required to develop apps and software
  • Maintaining and testing software to ensure its proper operation
  • Recording the procedure to give the data required for maintenance and upgrades

How Can You Become A Software Developer?

There are several methods to pursue a career in software development. Although candidates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science or similar fields may be given preference by some businesses, recent graduates may be able to break into the sector with significant training and practical experience.

Top Skills For Software Developers

The following are the top 9 skills that developers nowadays need to have:

  • Programming languages, such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and others
  • Machine learning, algorithms, and data science
  • Cloud-based computing
  • GitHub and Git
  • SQL as well as additional database technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Problem-solving
  • Lifecycles for software development and project management
  • Interaction and cooperation

What about the Canadian software developer job that this article offers?

Location: Calgary at BUNIT CONSULTING INC

Pay: The hourly rate for this position is 40.00 for 35 hours worked each week.

Duration: This job is full-time, permanent, and another one.

You may apply if you have a job right now. There is only one spot available, so act quickly to apply.

Fundamental prerequisites

Languages Spoken: English

Education: A bachelor’s degree

Experience: Two to Three years or less

Workplace: A consulting business


  • Writing, modifying, integrating, and testing software code are your tasks.
  • Maintain current computer programs by making necessary adjustments
  • Determine and convey technical issues, procedures, and fixes.
  • Create manuals, reports, and other documentation regarding the software’s use and upkeep.
  • Examine and assess a range of software offerings.
  • Write, alter, incorporate, and verify software for online stores and additional applications.

Who can apply for this position?

The only people who may apply are Canadian citizens and either temporary or permanent residents of Canada. You may also apply if your work permit for Canada is still valid. To get started, send an email to [email protected].

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