Top 10 Deadliest Cars in History


This ranking is determined by the documented accidents, injuries, and fatalities associated with these vehicles. Our focus is solely on these statistics to provide an unbiased assessment.

As you delve into the details of the most unsafe cars, feel free to add your own interpretations. While not included in our ranking of states with the worst drivers, the safety of vehicles significantly influences road safety and traffic fatality rates in each state.

This factor can impact car insurance premiums, as higher claim rates due to vehicle dangers lead to increased costs for insurance companies.


Understanding the risks associated with certain vehicles can help drivers make informed decisions to prioritize safety on the roads.

10. Pontiac Fiero


The Pontiac Fiero Was GM's Mid-Engine 1980s Sports Car - YouTube

Ranking last in our list of the most dangerous vehicles is the Pontiac Fiero, a car that falls far from the safety mark.


With its futuristic design featuring fiberglass side panels and concealed headlights, the Fiero was envisioned as a sporty car ahead of its time.Thankfully, the production of the Fiero spanned only from 1983 to 1988, as within this short period, it caused significant issues.

This compact two-door vehicle had a tendency to overheat and leak oil, leading to approximately 260 documented cases of engine fires.The alarming incidents were not unexpected for Pontiac, as even during test drives, their engines were prone to catching fire.

Despite only six reported injuries to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the numerous engine fires posed a serious risk.The production halt of the Fiero in 1988 was a direct result of these safety concerns and negative reviews.

The Pontiac Fiero’s safety rating reflected its lack of safety measures, highlighting the critical importance of vehicle safety standards in protecting drivers and passengers on the road.

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