Top 5 Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students


As a Pakistani student in pursuit of higher education, financing your education should never be a roadblock to achieving your goals and ambitions. Fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students emerge as a luminous beacon of opportunity.

These scholarships offered by institutions, governments and organisations are designed to empower Pakistani students, covering their educational expenses thus granting them a quality and accessible education.


Pakistani students not only come to a full realization of their dreams and academic aspirations but also Pakistan as a whole would become developed and advanced in knowledge, skills and potential. Sounds interesting right?

Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Let us uncover these fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students and some of the benefits of applying for these scholarships. Your potential is boundless. Read and apply now.

International Scholarships from the Aga Khan Foundation

These fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students were created to aid talented, deserving students from impoverished nations who lack other financial resources. They are given the opportunity to pursue full-time postgraduate study at recognized institutions of higher learning of their choosing. These criteria are used to choose these students: high academic standing. a genuine need for money

Depending on their particular circumstances, these students get financial aid. They must prove that it is a last resort in order to qualify. The annual application procedure is extremely competitive. The applicant must be a citizen of Pakistan. People who are interested must communicate with the Pakistan-based unit and apply through them because applications are processed by local organizations. Following the processing of applications, candidates are interviewed.


The ISP application form must be purchased and all applications must be complete. They should make every effort not to submit applications that are incomplete or late. Also keep in mind that while these fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students pay for the student’s tuition and living expenses, it does not cover those of their families or the cost of overseas travel. Email the institution right away to apply or call (51) 111-253-254.

Chevening Scholarship For Pakistan Students

You have the opportunity to attend university in the UK for free thanks to these Chevening fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. The UK government is funding it for international students. All candidates show the drive, vision, and aptitude required to create a better society.

Benefits include:

  1. Funding of university tuition
  2. Access to some of the highest-calibre educational options available anywhere in the globe
  3. The chance to discover the varied cultures of the UK.
  4. A monthly allowance
  5. Costs of travel to and from the UK
  6. An allowance for arrival an allowance for returning home
  7. One visa application fee
  8. A travel award to go to UK-based Chevening events.

After receiving your scholarship, you’ll have the knowledge and contacts necessary to realize your ideas and succeed in your career. Before the deadline, you must turn in your paperwork, references, and one unqualified offer from a UK university, receive email updates sometimes and check your application status online. You must first register as a new prospect for these fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. To qualify, you must submit your application in English and provide a working email address.

The United States Educational Foundation In Pakistan (USEFP) Fulbright Scholarship

These Fulbright fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students are fully supported and last up to 12 months. Those who meet the qualifications must educate students, coworkers, and community organizations in the U.S. about Pakistani society and culture and contribute significantly to Pakistan’s growth after returning home. Additionally, they ought to speak with Pakistani students, coworkers, and community organizations about their experiences in the United States.

These scholarships cover their travel expenses, living expenses, research expenses, and health insurance. They will receive help from the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan with their visa application.

Eligibility requirements

  • With the exception of clinical medicine, applicants are welcome from all academic fields.
  • Each applicant must possess a terminal degree in their discipline, such as a Ph.D.
  • They must present a concise and well-organized proposal about what they hope to accomplish in the United States and how it ties to their work in Pakistan
  • They must have a strong command of both written and spoken English. This suggestion applies to their application.
  • If given the chance, they must be qualified to instruct in a university context.
  • Along with the other requirements, they must submit an application form, three reference letters, and an invitation letter.

Are you ready for these fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students? You can apply now as a new user to begin your journey.


The road to a brighter and successful future is right before you, and so it is time to take the crucial step. I wholeheartedly urge you to apply for fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. These scholarships are more than just financial aid but key to unlocking the full potential in you. Now is the time for you to invest in your education, dreams and Pakistan. Apply now and let your dreams soar.



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