Top Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships In The USA-2023/24


Fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA are here to help you grab your dreams and achieve them. Do you dream of becoming a nurse and making a great impact in the world? Are you passionate about joining the rank of nurse to make a difference in people’s lives every day? You should not let cost weigh you down at all.

Studying in the US comes with great benefits.

  • You get to receive high-quality education that equips you with needed nursing skills and knowledge
  • You get to receive training and practicals essential for every nursing student
  • The US is diverse and so studying there exposes you to lots of things
  • Looking in the US opens doors to career opportunities
  • You also stand to explore unique places
  • USA is known for offering fully funded scholarships that can help cover your costs

Keep reading this article to learn more.

Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships In the USA

Are you ready to start your nursing journey? Let us now consider some fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA.

The foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association Online Scholarship

Students currently enrolled in a state-approved nursing program leading to an associate degree, bachelor’s, diploma, direct-entry master’s degree, RN, or other accelerated programs are eligible for these undergraduate fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA.

As previously said, they are easily accessible for undergraduate study but not for graduate studies unless it is for a first degree in nursing. You must provide an unofficial transcript. You must send an acceptance letter and, if you are a regional nurse, a nursing license if you are transferring from another institution.


Keep in mind that you will be given consideration based on factors like your academic performance, your financial need, your participation in nursing student organizations, and your involvement in health-related community activities. The only expenses covered by these fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA are tuition, academic fees, and books. You are expected to fill out the Application Form before the given deadline.

Nursing Scholarship for Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell

Two students who have been accepted or enrolled in an accredited nursing school will receive these fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA. These candidates must either be DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) members, be descended from DAR members, or be qualified for DAR membership.

A letter of acceptance into the nursing program or a transcript confirming the applicant’s enrollment in the nursing program, along with this information, must be sent with the application. A one-page CV and two to four recommendations are required. The estimated value of these awards is $2,500.

To qualify, you must:

  • Attend a four-year college or institution
  • Become a nursing student
  • Participate in Daughters of the American Revolution activities

These things are also necessary:

  • A letter confirming enrollment in the nursing program
  • A document proving your US citizenship
  • A form of application
  • An excellent admissions essay
  • References or Recommendations
  • A resume
  • A copy of your college transcript

Also, note that you will be required to Sign Up as a DAR Member


There are lots of fully funded scholarship programs in the USA. Dear aspiring nurses, it is time to rise and take full control of your future. We have been able to determine that looking for nursing scholarships or grants that will help you afford that next step can make attempting to find out how to pay for nursing school easier.

Find out which of the fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA you might be eligible for by reviewing the details of each one listed above, including the application deadline, grant amount, eligibility requirements, and more. These fully funded nursing scholarships in the USA are like your superhero cape ready to help you soar and thrive in the world of nursing and healthcare. Apply now and reach your dream. Grab it with both hands.



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