Best 3 Fully Funded Distance Learning Scholarships


Are you dreaming of pursuing higher education but need a more flexible schedule? Fully funded distance learning scholarships are here to make learning fun and empower you. Distant learning allows you to pursue education from anywhere around the world. But, you do not have to endure the stress of relocating.

Fully funded distance learning scholarships allow you to balance education with other responsibilities like family and work. It also covers tuition fees and other expenses thereby lightening the load of educational costs. These scholarships also allow students to pursue their passion and career goals.


One good thing about distance learning is that it warmly welcomes students from different backgrounds including those living with disabilities. It also helps students build self-discipline and other skills needed for educational success.

Fully Funded Distance Learning Scholarships

The world of education is gradually evolving and these fully funded distance learning scholarships are tickets to a successful future. Follow along as we highlight these scholarships.

The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The CDLS is fully funded distance learning scholarships provided to support eligible students from commonwealth countries in pursuing master’s degree programs through remote learning. To qualify for this program, applicants must be citizens of eligible Commonwealth countries.

This program provides support covering the following costs:

  • Tuition
  • study materials
  • living expenses
  • Any travel expense

CDLS supports master’s degrees in various fields of study showing that it is not limited to the course you aspire to study. To apply for this scholarship program, you must apply directly to the affiliated university offering the degree programme you wish to pursue.

Are you willing to contribute to your country’s development? Apply for this fully funded scholarship and use the acquired skills to boost and contribute to your country’s development and growth. You do not have to relocate to get your degree. It is simply accessible.

Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh offers this scholarship for eligible part-time distance learning master programmes offered by the University. This program allows students from all around the globe to earn a master’s degree without having to relocate to Edinburgh.

One of the most noteworthy and remarkable benefits of the fully funded distance learning scholarships is that they cover the full tuition fee of the selected online master’s program. This would reduce your financial stress and burden right?

The University of Edinburgh also offers a wide range of online master’s programs in different fields of study making it easier for applicants to choose from various sets of programs that match or suit their career goals and interests.

If you are interested in pursuing an online degree at the University of Edinburgh, then you should review the scholarship by checking for the eligibility and application process.

University Of The People Scholarships

The University of the People offers online and fully funded scholarships to international students coming from all around the globe who want to pursue a degree in various fields of study.

The fully funded distance learning scholarships cover the tuition fees throughout the study. The main aim of this scholarship program is to offer top-tier, accessible and quality education to any qualified and eligible student facing financial difficulties or any other hardships be it disabilities.

The scholarships are offered based on first-come-first-served so make sure you always visit the website to avoid missing this lifetime opportunity and apply as soon as you can on their portal.


Aside from fully funded scholarships, distance learning scholarships are also available. Distance should never be a barrier to achieving your educational background. Fully funded distance learning scholarships allow students to learn, grow and thrive from any location.

This is simply a pathway to getting an inclusive, flexible and accessible education without constraints of time, location and above all money.

Do not miss this opportunity to embark on the journey of building your future. Apply now and thrive continuously.


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