Top 3 Fully Funded Scholarships In Turkey


Fully funded scholarships in Turkey. I know that sounds too good to be true. Turkey is not just famous when it comes to offering delicious meals and stunning landscapes; it is also a land that offers fully funded scholarships for students like you.

Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Fully funded scholarships in Turkey offer you amazing adventures and it is a magic stepping stone to your incredible educational journey.


Are you ready for a unique and interesting educational experience? Why Turkey? Well, Turkey is known to be like a history book surrounded which you would find breathtaking and inspiring.

Scholarships in Turkey also offer you a fully funded scholarship that is free education without having to empty your savings.

Scholarships in Turkey helps you widen your horizon and even get to meet lifelong friends.

Scholarships in Turkey also grant you an opportunity to learn in any language you are comfortable with.

Fully Funded Scholarships In Turkey


Fully funded scholarships in Turkey are a lifetime adventure and opportunity. Buckle up as we highlight a few of these scholarship programs in Turkey.

Yasar University Scholarships

The recipients of fully funded scholarships in Turkey are chosen based on their academic merits. For students who don’t want to take the English Language Proficiency Test, the institution offers an alternative. Additionally, your chances of being taken into consideration increase if you keep up a strong academic record after enrolling.

Once your application is finished and approved, you will be included in the scholarship list that the Yasar University Scholarship Committee will review. They assess the standing of each applicant and select the winners, who are subsequently contacted.

These fully funded scholarships in Turkey are given as reductions in tuition costs of 25%, 50%, and 100%, depending on the amounts requested in the application letter by the candidates. Here, you can browse any course of your choice and apply as soon as you can.

Yeditepe University Scholarships

The Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation established Yeditepe University in 1996 to develop young people who are contemporary, inquisitive, well-versed in various cultures, personally developed, and equipped with all the credentials required by the business world.

It provides a required education for persons living in the information era with its cutting-edge academic programs and applications. Along with many other features, it has 13 faculties, including two schools, one vocational school, and the following: dentistry, pharmacy, arts and sciences, fine arts, law, economics, and administrative sciences.

It also has communication, architecture, engineering, health, medical, and computer and information sciences. This university was ranked first among Turkey’s foundational institutions. You cannot apply for these fully funded scholarships in Turkey without first registering on the school portal as a new candidate, user, or student.

The Turkish Scholarship at Koç University

These are fully funded scholarships in Turkey that the Turkish government has established to offer financial assistance to foreign students attending particular Turkish universities by their desired course of study. These Turkish Scholarships provide financial assistance to students from all nations who want to enrol in undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs at Turkish universities.

The Turkish Scholarship at Koç University program provides housing, a monthly stipend, flying fees, visa application support, extracurricular social and cultural integration events, and more. It also covers 100% of the cost of tuition.

You must fill out and submit an online application form by the deadline. You will be given admission with Turkish Scholarships funding if you are chosen by the Koç University Graduate School program committee and the Turkish Scholarships Evaluation Committee.

You are required to sign up or register before you can apply. If you want to be considered for this award, you must supply accurate information. Also remember that for your application to be considered, you must provide both a valid GRE and TOEFL test score.


It is time to spread your wings and make a great impact on your world. Fully funded scholarships in Turkey are not just about reading and writing exams but about diversifying in cultural terms, making new friends, and becoming a global citizen.

Do not shrink back in fear of the unknown, apply now and begin this journey that will shape your future into a better one. Go and keep shining, thriving, and soaring.

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